Top 5 winter flowers


There is something particularly special about the winter flower. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that everything else looks barren and dead but then you spot the beautiful head of a blooming flower and you know that spring will come again. The problem with winter flowers is that many of them are either poisonous or very difficult to grow. However, we have a solution – our faux winter flowers. Being artficial flowers means they’ll never wilt, so you can have blooms of any season, every season.  Here are our top five winter flowers.


Hellebores aka ‘The Christmas Rose’ or ‘Lenten Rose’ are part of the Ranunculae family, flowering during late winter and early spring in the UK. Each flower head has five elegant petals, which surround a cluster of yellow nectaries. As most real varieties are poisonous, our Faux Hellebore Stems allow you to enjoy this beautiful flower in your home without worrying about the health of your pets and children.


There are five common varieties of hydrangea – Mophead, Lace-cap, Oakleaf, Pee Gee and Annabelle. These faux hydrangeas (seen above) are the Mophead variety.  Mopheads and Lace-caps are best known for their ability to change colour depending on the pH of the soil. They normally flower between late winter and early spring. The flower colour change that occurs on many hydrangeas occurs by late summer. Available in faded green and rich reds, our faux hydrangeas are a great way of introducing some winter warmth into your home.


The Alstroemeria is more commonly known as the Peruvian Lily. The flowers are a deep red (we also have them in green), perfect for a Christmas flower arrangement. Alstromeria have a tendency to flare up skin allergies, but luckily our faux variety delivers the beauty of the real flower – without the health concerns. 


The Camellia flowers are part of the Theaceae family. They are evergreen shrubs with ornate clustered flowers. They grow in acidic soil and many people struggle to get them to bloom. Our faux Camellias are as intricately beautiful as the real thing; pair our cream variety with a deep red flower for a beautiful winter-inspired colour combination.  


Berries are not technically flowers, but we felt they should make the list, as they are synonymous with winter. Though they are not generally difficult to grow, they can be toxic, so should be kept away from children and pets. Berries also have a tendency of staining carpets, which luckily with our faux berries you can avoid. Our faux berries look great by themselves or alternatively they can add diversity to a winter bunch.

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