Top ten wedding gift ideas


It’s always wonderful to be invited to a wedding – a day filled with laughter, loved ones and just the odd glass of champagne. However, the arduous process of choosing a truly special wedding gift can be daunting.

The UK wedding industry is worth a dizzying £10 billion annually and a sizeable portion of this figure is made-up of gift purchases. This can be a terrible headache for both the bewildered buyer and the married couple who are inundated with unwanted items. Luckily for you, OKA has all sides covered. Here are our top ten picks to make memorable wedding presents, that will be treasured for a lifetime:

1. A small, bulbous, glass vase, ideally sized to hold a small posy of flowers – and there’ll be plenty of those post-wedding! A welcome addition to any bedside table or dressing table. £14

2. These beautifully hand-painted dinner plates are adapted from ancient Persian designs. Our porcelain tableware is exclusive to us and bound to make a treasured gift. £245

3. A majestic bust of a horse, named after the famous war mount of Napoleon. Made from terracotta and glazed to a blue-grey with a very distressed finish. A refined gift that would sit perfectly in pride of place upon a mantelpiece or bookshelf. £28

4. Long after the wedding bouquet has browned these stunning hydrangeas will stay bright and beautiful! Our realistic individual faux flower stems are an absolute favourite at OKA because of their life-like look and durability. £16 per stem

5. This Chinese porcelain jar, inspired by pottery of the Ming and Qing dynasty, has been hand-painted and hand-glazed with a traditional floral design. The Chinese symbol featuring on the jar and lid means ‘double happiness’, making this a perfect wedding gift. £125

6. These charming glass bird carriers can be used to hold an egg, salt and pepper or tea light candle. A light-hearted present that is certain to make the lovebirds smile. Sold in a pair. £16

7. There will be plenty of photographs to frame after the big day, but it can be tricky to find beautiful photo frames that don’t overshadow the pictures. Our ivory coloured photo frame is just perfect and will give wedding photos a stylish touch. £74

8. The easiest way to create a sophisticated, luxurious look in a bedroom is by layering the bed with a throw or quilt. These sumptuous quilts make a beautifully soft and warm gift, whilst also adding an extra dose of style and texture to the bed. £195

10. Make sure the cocktails are the only thing ‘on the rocks’ in their marriage with this beautifully constructed bar accessory. Our double-walled, stainless-steel ice bucket has a tight-fitting lid and is inlaid with bone segments in a reeded pattern. £184

These timeless pieces are bound to make you popular with the newlyweds. If you’re the bride or groom and you’re looking to create a gift list use Prezola, the UK’s leading independent wedding gift company where you can pick from 500 top brands, including OKA. Happy choosing!

*All prices shown were correct at the time of publishing but the website will tell you the current price.