Spotlight on weathered Acacia


We’re always adding new pieces to our vast collection of weathered’ acacia furniture. There are speech marks around the word ‘weathered’ because even though our acacia furniture and accessories are designed to look like they’ve been left outside for many months, exposed to the rain, sun and snow, they’re actually distressed by skilled artisans. This purposefully faded finish gives them a unique appeal. We cover how the rustic finish is created, why it’s so popular and five personal favourites from our collection.

You can learn more about acacia in our guide to different types of wood. Acacia is featured in many OKA collections because it has a beautiful grain and is moisture-resistant, meaning it’s easy to clean and suitable for families with children or pets. ‘Weathered’ pieces are supposed to be pale in colour, as if they have been bleached by the sun. This light hue complements a myriad of interiors, both classic and contemporary, and looks stunning paired with brass or chrome handles and toe caps. Our ‘weathered’ acacia collection includes console tables, mirrors, game tables, bookcases, pet beds and chests of drawers.

Acacia pieces have an interesting texture, as they’re smooth and tactile but if you run your hand over the surface of our acacia tables, you can feel the natural grain of the wood. Due to its strength and dense grain, acacia is easier to carve: if you spot a piece with scrolled legs, indent detailing or an elaborate frieze, chances are it’s made from this type of wood.

The faux weathering process will make a new piece of furniture look like an antique. You could put your furniture outside and let the elements do their thing, but you may be waiting a while! Most of our purposefully worn pieces are distressed through ageing and sanding techniques. They change colour over time, as the natural oils in the wood start to come through, adding provincial charm.

Highlights from our weathered Acacia collection

Reynerie Sideboard

Our Reynerie Sideboard has interesting, diamond-shaped parquetry detailing.

Fitzroya Game Table

Fitzroya is a neat little games table that could also be used for dining. The quirky four-seater has a small drawer at either end of the table, for storing decks of playing cards.

Hinwick Mirror

Our ‘weathered’ acacia collection doesn’t stop at furniture. Hinwick is a square-shaped, box-framed mirror with classical adornment.

Soufriere Table

Soufriere could be used as a console or side table, depending on where it is placed. Its three tiers are made for storing an array of decorative objects.

Thoreau Console Table

Beautiful and rustic, Thoreau will add a dash of country-style glamour to a room.

Whether you’re new to the world of ‘weathered’ acacia or are looking to grow your collection, we hope this guide has been helpful. Throughout the year, new furniture and accessories are introduced to our range, so you are certain to find your perfect match.