Faux and fabulous


The dappled, glossy back of a turtle gliding underneath the surface of cerulean blue water is an image so arresting, it’s easy to see why the trade of their shells have been a thriving business since ancient times. When Julius Caesar invaded Egypt it was the warehouses brimming with turtle shells that he considered to be his most prized spoil.

Commonly known as ‘tortoiseshell’, the giant overlapping scales in deep hues of orange, browns and golds, make a stunning adornment to almost any product. Because of this, and their innate gentleness, turtles have been hunted to the brink of extinction by traders to fill growing demand. Even as late as the 20th century, tortoiseshell was used for combs, jewellery boxes and ornaments. The Japanese government, the world’s largest market for tortoiseshell at the time, recorded imports of more than 1.3 million large turtles and 575,000 stuffed juveniles.

Thankfully, the practice of hunting turtles for their shells has been outlawed, but this doesn’t mean we can’t still replicate their gorgeous shells. With modern artistic techniques, we can create realistic tortoiseshell products that will bring your home to life.

Each of our glass tumblers has been hand-decorated with a tortoiseshell pattern (which means that no two are exactly the same). An exotic alternative to plain glass.

Crafted from resin, hand-painted and textured to look like real tortoiseshell, our oval Faux Turtle Shell Mirror will deliver a dose of antique glamour to a bathroom, bedroom or hallway.

Our faux tortoiseshell stand is an elegant decorative piece that adds a touch of glamour to any side table or surface.

round pot, richly coloured and textured to look like turtle shell, perfectly sized for holding pens and other stationery on a desk, or toothbrushes and razors in a bathroom, or even a candle. The tortoiseshell effect is so realistic, each piece could pass as an antique or treasured heirloom.

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