How to organise your home


Spring cleaning has become a social ritual in which we clean out not only the leftover Christmas cake and (with any luck) the weight we’ve accumulated from said cake, but also our homes. It’s a time to refresh, rejuvenate and declutter, resulting in a tidy mind and a very tidy (and totally gorgeous) home.

You only have to take a look at the trending television programmes to see what a following the art of organisation has. With shows such as Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, it’s becoming ever-more popular and making your home practically perfect is something we can definitely get on board with.

Where do I start when organising my home?

Thinking about decluttering? Think storage. The first thing to do when starting your epic clean up, is organise the clutter. That’s right, bottom drawer of the chest of drawers in the corner of the sitting room, we mean you. Out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind, and the sinking feeling you get every time you open that overflowing drawer or cupboard won’t go away until it is organised. Start by getting yourself some new storage that you’ll be excited to use, such as one of our extremely stylish box files. Then go through each piece of paper, ornament or book one by one, choosing what is necessary to keep and what can be shredded or donated. You’ll thank us the next time you have to open that drawer.

How to accessorise without making a mess

The now-famous Marie Kondo method of organising means only keeping, or buying, things which ‘spark joy’ and this is something we couldn’t agree more with. Sometimes we hold onto things for sentimental value, sometimes it’s guilt. In the case of the latter, see what you can donate; perhaps somebody else would really appreciate the item or piece of clothing and giving it away to a good home will make it a lot easier to part with. Accessorising your space is a crucial way of making a home feel like your own, but take care when picking things; ensure they will make you smile, like this very handsome golden hedgehog.

Does organising mean getting rid of everything?

No, absolutely not. Giving things to charity which are no longer of use to you will make you feel lighter and benefit others, which in turn will make you feel good. However, it’s also important to have items around you that you love. Getting the perfect piece of wall art for that empty space you’ve spent the last six months deliberating over, that’s also organising. It’s about making spaces your own, with things that suit your personality.

How do I keep my home organised?

Once you’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom and you feel as if half your belongings are now in the window of the local charity shop (this is always a strangely good feeling) you’ll want to keep your home that way. Looking crisp, elegant and as if each and every belonging has a meaning or a purpose, your home will no longer be hiding under years of accumulation. The thing that’s perhaps easier said than done is once you’ve given everything a place, making sure to keep it there. A single flung-away coat or bag will soon end up encouraging an entire floor-drobe, so remember that storage is key. We have a stunning range of storage options so that everything you have has a home, and you have a home you adore.

We hope we’ve given you ample encouragement and inspiration to brave all bottom drawers everywhere. Our blog is brimming with ways of enjoying your home and garden, so check back in with us regularly to keep updated and on top of your home interiors.