The OKA menagerie


It’s no secret that, given the choice, we would fill our homes with animals. As we’re quite house proud too, we’ve found the perfect compromise – animal accessories. Take a peek inside our veritable menagerie, which includes artwork and ornaments of birds, dogs, fish and horses galore.

Equine enthusiasts will delight at this grand horse’s head with cheerful braying expression. Made from beautifully patinated, antiqued bronze, it looks and feels like an ancient artefact weathered and aged by the elements.

Named after an extinct species of wild horse, our stout little Tarpan Horse is small in stature but big in character. Standing proudly to attention with his tail in the air, he’d make a handsome feature for a mantelpiece, console or coffee table. Much taller and more slender than our Tarpan Horse, our prancing Bronze Horse is a fine specimen of a stallion (or filly).

Embrace the country life with our charming cockerel (but without the noisy crowing waking you up at the crack of dawn). Made from metal in a rustic style, we think he’d look great on a kitchen windowsill or sideboard.

Why have one bird when you can have a whole flock? Each of our twelve bird paintings depicts a different wading bird, such as the flamingo, heron and swan. There are numerous layout possibilities for these pictures; consider placing them all in a line above the picture rail, in three groups of four dotted around the house or maybe in pairs down the stairs. Let your imagination take flight!

‘Good things come in pairs’ goes the old Chinese saying, and in the case of these cute little porcelain pugs, we would have to agree. They’re very obedient (they’ve mastered the ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ commands) and completely house trained too – who wouldn’t want to give these lovable four-legged friends a home?

Hand-made from smooth driftwood, our beautiful Angelfish sculpture would fit perfectly in house by the sea. What’s more, you’ll never have to clean out the tank…