Indoor and outdoor storage ideas


In the home

An industrial aesthetic makes a home look fabulous – rich, lived-in and productive. Rustic storage space is easy to achieve and it looks good too. A Pompidou Desk has tubular, industrial feel and would be perfect for your books, records or as a working space. With plenty of lower shelves it makes for a great space-saver that’s also easy on the eye.

There are many ways you can use furniture so that it gives you somewhere to store your things while still maintaining a strong visual appeal. These versatile stack shelves offer storage opportunities beyond their small size. Use as an extra surface beside a sofa, or stack on top of one another to create a bespoke arrangement that suits your space.

Or you could make use of side tables or bedside tables – this multi-purpose bit of furniture is perfect for storing books. They can be moved about easily too, so useful for different rooms.

In the bedroom, one of our beautiful trunks maintain an elegant aesthetic with practical storage and would sit fittingly at the foot of the bed.

Next, for a coat rack with a pastoral twist, you could craft a wooden frame filled with tree branches – perfect for hanging up your hats, scarves and jackets.

In the garden

If your garden is a busy space, consider investing in rattan garden furniture – this outdoor storage trunk is great for keeping toys, outdoor cushions and other bits and bobs safely tidied away when not needed.

Use any bits of wood to put together a hand-made cold frame, covering the top with some plastic. These little growhouses are perfect for protecting your bedding plants and, importantly, you can use the space beneath the frame for storage.

Make sure you make use of any old drawers too – fill them with garden tools so they’re not hanging around and clogging up space.

If you’re the owner of an outdoor furniture set, maximise the space appropriately. An outdoor table can be extremely versatile: if yours has a novel undercroft as below, use it to store firewood or, if you’re eating outside, it could be an ad-hoc space for cutlery, sauces, bottles of wine and napkins.


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