Golden Globes glamour at home


The Golden Globe Awards are the epitome of all things glamorous. The ever-dazzling start to Hollywood’s award season, the celebration has captured the attention of the public ever since it came to life in 1944. Whilst lots has changed over the course of seven and a half decades – winners used to receive a scroll for one – a constant is the beautiful, extravagant clothes that adorn the attendees.

Described as the party of the year, in a city that absolutely loves parties, it’s no wonder that the outfits gracing the red carpet tend to be befitting of royalty. Be it the timeless little black dress or a modern twist on a classic, each and every garment is set to get cameras flashing. You don’t have to have a mention in film or television to channel the glitzy style however; our selection of furniture and accessories ensure your home will be the star of the show, for much longer than the evening.

As the red carpet of the Golden Globes knows all too well, nothing exudes glamour quite as effortlessly as metallics. In a similar fashion, nothing in the home makes a statement quite like silver and gold finishes. Whether your scheme errs on the side of extravagance or is full of rustic touches, it’s easy to make a starlet of it with these shimmering pieces.

Floor length

If any leading ladies are at a loss as to what to wear, the answer is simple: a floor length gown. No matter the cut or colour they’re eternally elegant and eye-catching. The same goes for floor lamps, you can always count on them to bring form and function to any space. Position one of these striking pieces in a forgotten corner or next to your favourite armchair to transform a room.

Statement pieces

From bold shapes in classic colours to classic shapes in bold colours, you’re always guaranteed some daring designs at the Golden Globes. Intended to make the wearer the centre of attention, there will be some good, some bad and some ugly. Our statement pieces on the other hand, will always have a positive reception.


Last but not least: accessories. What award-winning outfit is complete without at least a couple of diamonds or some unusual jewellery? It would be a disservice to fall at the final hurdle and forget all about accessorising. Your home too, deserves this consideration; that new console table is desperate to be complemented by an ornament.

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