Game of throws


Yes, you read that right—Game of Throws. Not an Olympics of political one-upmanship and a scramble for a seat of power made of swords melted with dragon fire (maybe Joffrey Baratheon would have been better off with an Armchair instead), but a fight to the death between our many comfortable throws. They’re vying for the badge of honour on our sofas this winter.

One of the best things about winter is watching vast quantities of films and television completely guilt-free. When the sun sets at 4pm, the wind howls, and the rain is icy, who could fault you for curling up in your armchair with some feel-good cinema? We all know that’s what you’ll be doing this weekend, accompanied by family, friends, or pets, so why not be extremely comfortable whilst you’re at it? To aid you in your noble quest, we’ve taken the liberty of pairing some of our favourite wintry film and television characters with their perfect matches from our sumptuous selection of throws. After all, winter is coming. Make sure you’re cosy when it’s here.  

Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones showcases a dizzying array of incredible costumes with hand-embroidered detail and twists on historical references, but some of its most iconic threads are the black, fur-trimmed cloaks of the Night’s Watch brothers. If you were following the series as closely as some a couple of seasons ago, you might have heard that the wardrobe team on the series dyed sheepskin rugs to finish these costumes. Actors have been known to complain about the resulting weight of the cloaks. Might we suggest you wrap yourself in this Faux Fur Throw in Grizzly Bear instead? You’ll be along for the ride with the undead Lord Commander, but infinitely more comfortable.

Watch Game of Thrones on Sky or NOW TV (subscriptions required).

Aurelia and Jamie (Love Actually)

If you’ve recently thought about jumping into a pond to impress someone, make sure you have something warm in which to recover afterwards. The incredibly soft Cria Throw should do the trick. It’s made of baby alpaca wool (don’t worry, no baby alpacas were harmed in the making of this throw), and you can choose the colour that will best flatter your complexion. As an added bonus, if the colour you settle on is Lava, it can double as part of the local Nativity play’s lobster costume.

You can see Love Actually on ITV2 at various times this Christmas or on Amazon Prime Video (subscription required).

Lyra (His Dark Materials)

You might not have the company of the great bear Iorek Byrnison, but from the comfort of your own sofa you can still enjoy some arctic atmosphere and adventure. The Faux Fur Throw in Seal Grey is perfect for watching Lyra’s travels to the far north and across the multiverse. Best of all, there’s room for both you and your daemon to cuddle under it.  

His Dark Materials is currently showing in BBC iPlayer.

Princess Margaret (The Crown)

This wool throw, with its fresh and colourful tartan plaid, appears at first to be a straightforward classic. Flip it over, though, and you’ll discover it has a wild side – in a glamourous leopard print. Of course, it reminds us of Helena Bonham Carter’s Princess Margaret, a stickler for tradition with an unbridled passion for the modern and dramatic. The combination makes for a captivating character and a charming and versatile throw that will look great in any number of schemes.

See The Crown on Netflix (subscription required).

Elsa (Frozen)

Like our Faux Fur Throw, Frozen has undeniably become a new classic. Even if you’ve had quite enough of hearing “Let It Go” belted out in public places, you may find yourself toying with the idea of slipping away to a showing of the sequel. Whether you get roped in by your children or watch it voluntarily, our Faux Fur Throw in Chinchilla/Pale Turquoise is the blanket to snuggle up in during your viewing. It looks like it jumped right out of icy Arendelle and onto your sofa.

Frozen is available to stream and download from various outlets this Christmas. Frozen II is showing in cinemas nationwide.

If none of these products tickle your fancy, take a look at our full range of throws and wrap up ready for those film marathons.   

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