Some of our favourite coffee table books


You can tell a lot about a person by looking at what’s on their bookshelf or coffee table. Whether you’re choosing the perfect present or want to adorn your table with a stack of books, we have created a list of our favourite reads to help you find what you’re looking for. Categorised by different hobbies and interests, these glossy tomes aren’t just for show, but they will certainly bring a little something to your table.

Without further ado, here are a few coffee table book suggestions.The Gardener

Floret farms cut flower garden: Grow, harvest and arrange stunning seasonal blooms

Written by Erin Benzakein, founder of Floret Flower Farm, this guide covers all four seasons, offering advice on growing, harvesting and arranging fresh flowers. Suitable for city and country dwellers alike, you can learn how to grow seasonal plants, flowers and vegetables out of your field, garden or window box.

Flourish by Willow Crossley

This book is full of inspirational ideas and useful tips, showing you how even the smallest bunch of flowers can enhance every room. For further inspiration, have a look at the bunches Willow designed especially for OKA.

The Interiors Enthusiast

Nina Campbell interior decoration carefree elegance

Written by Giles Kime, the Interiors Editor of Country Life, this book is for anyone who loves English interior design and the work of Nina Campbell. A behind-the-scenes glance at some of Campbell’s biggest commissions in LA, London, New York, Ascot and Rome, illustrating how she brings classic English style to each project.

The Art Lover

The diary of Frida Kahlo

The life and works of Frida Kahlo explored in an illustrated journal she kept for over ten years. Discover the inspiration behind her paintings and poems and learn more about her upbringing during the Mexican Revolution. If you aren’t familiar with Kahlo’s work, she’s known for her incredibly colourful paintings (mainly self-portraits and paintings of her friends and family) which explore class, gender, identity and race in Mexican society.

Vogue: The covers

An exploration of fashion throughout the ages, featuring classic covers from the magazine’s 125-year history. A feast for the eyes, that will surprise and delight any fashion lover.

Don’t be a tourist in Paris: A messy Nessyu chich guide

They say, ‘never judge a book by its cover’, but we love how this book is designed. If you’ve already been up the Eiffel Tower, seen the Louvre and eaten more croissants than you can count, then you might enjoy this candid account, which shows you Paris as the locals see it. Everything about the book is beautiful, from the snapshots of city life to that front cover.

Wallpaper guides

These stylish Pantone swatch-esque guides will brighten up your coffee table and are small enough to fit inside a travel bag. There is a guide available for over 75 different countries and a Wallpaper App, where you can browse photographs of your destination of choice and use their in-app GPS to find recommended restaurants and bars.

Food For Thought

Postsecret: Extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives

Moving, thoughtful, inspiring, clever and funny. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people send in their secrets anonymously on a postcard, and this is the result.

Humans of New York

You may already be following the Humans of New York Instagram account, or have read the Humans of London edition. Either way, this book is filled with the most stunning photographs and inspiring stories of people from all walks of life, offering insight into different cultures and communities along the way.

The Connoisseur

Wine folly: A visual guide to the world of wine

Learn how to differentiate a Merlot from a Malbec and a Sauvignon from a Chablis with this beautiful book. Discover more about the history of behind each variety and which wines can be enjoyed with each meal. Perfect if you’ve got a few dinner parties coming up.

The world atlas of coffee

If wine isn’t your cup of tea, this guide to coffee may be of more interest. It would look great styled on a coffee table, along with a tray and set of our patterned mugs.

Now that you’ve seen our recommended reads, here are a few tips on how to style a coffee table.

Place stacks of books on your coffee table and top them with decorative objects, such as bowls, paperweights and faux flowers; this will stop your table from feeling too busy, as everything will be grouped together.

Choose a coffee table in a rich and decadent colour for ultimate impact.

You can spice up your table by adding a layer of detail, such as a runner or centrepiece like a vase of flowers.

Instead of using a traditional coffee table, why not opt for a couple of ottomans instead? They can easily be moved to wherever they are needed and have enough room to display books and a small bunch of flowers. If you would prefer a larger table but are worried about it dominating your scheme, break up the space with boxes, trays and lamps.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy pouring through this eclectic selection. Once you’ve chosen your books, you can start thinking about what else you’d like on your coffee table. Here’s our eclectic range of accessories, which may just do the trick.