The ultimate guide to drinking glasses


The party season is here. Now it’s time to get a drink and enjoy it but do you have the right glasses? 

Are you drinking champagne from a cocktail glass or whisky from a wine glass? If so, you may not be enjoying the full flavour or effect that these drinks are renowned for. Here is our guide to drinking glasses:

The Champagne Flute

“I get no kick from champagne,” Frank Sinatra sang – he obviously hadn’t been drinking from these glasses. The tall narrow flute encourages the fizz to rise to the top, creating an experience that is sensational in both taste and touch.  

Perfect for: Champagne or sparkling wine

The Red Wine Glass 

There are two key points to consider when choosing a wine glass. Firstly, make sure it has a stem, your hand transfers less heat to the wine if you hold it by the stem. Secondly, aroma is very important, so make sure you can fit your nose into the glass. A red wine glass should have a broader opening than a white wine glass.

Perfect for: Red Wine

The White Wine Glass

Similarly to the red wine glass, a white wine glass should have a stem, to prevent the wine becoming warm too quickly and it should have a wide opening, so that you can smell the bouquet. White wine glasses typically have a slightly narrower opening than a red wine glass.

Perfect for: White Wine

The Martini Glass

Whether you have it shaken or stirred, this is the martini glass for you. Once again, the martini glass has a stem to control the temperature of the alcohol. Drinks in this glass are traditionally not served with ice. The cone shape helps to keep all the components of the drink contained and maintains the temperature.

Perfect for: A Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri or a Cosmopolitan

The Whisky Glass

With rocks or not, this whisky glass looks great in every setting. This glass can house cubes of ice and there is still plenty of room for the spirit in question. It also has a wide opening so there is space for you to truly smell the aroma. 

Perfect for: Whisky on the rocks or an Old Fashioned

The Snifter Glass

Whether you are indulging with friends or alone, this glass will make sure your drink goes down smoothly. The rounded bulb of the glass is designed to be cupped in the hand, which then warms up the glass, releasing the flavour of the drink. 

Perfect for: Whisky or Cognac 

The Port/Sherry Glass

These glass are smaller than the other glasses as fortified wines are typically sweet and drunk in small quantities. The small size prevents the sweetness becoming overpowering and enables the more complex flavours to be enjoyed.

Perfect for: Port or Sherry