Homegrown: Creating a garden indoors


Plants, flowers and trees are not just for outside, so why not bring your garden indoors? We aren’t suggesting you bring the lawn and chickens inside, but by adding the right plants you can completely transform your home. Whether you’re looking to create a wild paradise, a sophisticated sanctuary or just a room with some flowers in it, we can show you how to weave that natural feeling into your home elegantly using a mixture of real and artificial flowers and plants.

How can you create a wild paradise inside?

Let’s start by going completely all out, creating a room bursting with greenery. From the walls, to the rug, the prints to the cushion covers, this verdant design is not to everyone’s taste, but if you believe that you should really be living in the jungle rather than a bricks and mortar home, but are a bit too attached to modern conveniences to actually make the move, then this is the look for you. Opting for artificial plants and flowers en masse is a wise decision: you won’t need to spend hours watering them or clearing up dead leaves off the floor, just a quick dust now and again is all they need to keep looking fresh.

This style, brimming with pattern and texture, works particularly well in light and airy rooms – think conservatories, hallways and bathrooms. There’s something particularly exciting about a bathroom that looks like it’s been slightly overcome by nature. Picture one of those old-fashioned metal tubs, a decadent armchair like this one with the fern prints behind, surrounded by greenery and overhanging branches – the Blue Lagoon of bathrooms.

To create this ‘Wild Paradise’ look, we used a variety of our faux plants, trees and flowers, as well as a combination of real plants. As we proved with the previous three images, it doesn’t matter where the room is or what colour the walls or furniture are, the ‘Wild Paradise’ can be recreated anywhere – just find a light, open room and the right plants, trees and flowers, both real and faux. The mirror works to reflect the greenery of the room, creating the illusion of an even larger wild space.

How do you make a bedroom feel like a tropical oasis?

Whether it’s a bedroom for you or your guests, you’re bound to feel as if you’re staying in a 5-star hotel in the Caribbean as soon as you wake up in this bedroom. The palm-print wallpaper feels exotic and tropical, no matter what the weather outside looks like, whilst the pale grey antique Gustavian-style furniture ensures that it isn’t too overpowering. Green ceramic lamps and our popular Stafford Chair punctuate the room, but it’s our Madeleine Bed with its ornate caned frame that manages to steal the show.

How can you make a sophisticated sanctuary indoors with trees and plants?

The ‘Sophisticated Sanctuary’ look is created by including a few plants in a room but not letting them dominate. The trees, flowers or plants are additions rather than the main focus. It’s particularly effective in a modern room, as adding a tree or two is a quick and easy way to ground and/or separate an open-plan space – here we’ve used a real olive tree in a rustic wooden planter. Feel free to add a touch of greenery and maybe throw in some faux flowers, and don’t forget: a ‘Sophisticated Sanctuary’ always looks better with some nature-inspired prints.

We particularly love the Grunewald Screen (seen above). Combined with the miniature faux topiary, it makes you feel like you’re looking into a forest (unlike the ‘Wild Paradise’ where you feel like you’re actually living in the forest). Any nature print as a backdrop would work – try our Summer Garden or Fern Framed Prints.

Create or keep that natural look with cushions designed to naturally blend in.

How do you bring a room back to life by adding a few flowers?

What if the ‘Sophisticated Sanctuary’ is too much for you? “A tree inside, are you crazy?”, we hear you cry. And you can’t even comprehend the concept of a bed entwined with flowers, let alone a room overrun by plants. That’s okay, it’s not to everyone’s taste. Let’s look at something much simpler…

So, a room with some flowers in it. Actually, even a small bunch of flowers can look wonderful. Use them as a centrepiece on your dining or console table. If you want to be slightly more adventurous, you can use more than one bunch. Every table looks better with some flowers on it – they add a burst of colour and instantly make a room look more alive. And if you want to push the boat out, why not add some natural prints and maybe envelope a single bud into each napkin on your dining table?

How about creating a room with absolutely no plants, flowers or trees?

We know you exist, you plant-hating people! We have no problem with you staying away from flowers, but how do you feel about some pictures of plants? You get all the organic beauty and can still keep your floor and table spaces free. Tempted?

Here at OKA, we have a vast collection of incredibly lifelike artificial flowers, available as individual stems or bunches. We’ve also designed a collection of artificial plants. Faux plants and flowers are generally easier to maintain than the real deal, especially if you’re using lots of them, but don’t be afraid of mixing in a couple of natural flowers or plants in a predominantly faux landscape.

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