I spy a bond-worthy OKA home


Culturally, the history of espionage has always been a source of fascination to us mere mortals. We have endless books, films and TV shows (The Night Manager, McMafia and Red Sparrow, to name a few recent examples), all dedicated to examining the secret lives of individuals who go above the call of duty for their countries. It’s a life-threatening line of work, but the connotations of glamour and travel portrayed in iconic spy stories such as James Bond, make it an enticing lifestyle that never fails to captivate its audience.

There are hundreds of sub-categories for those classed as ‘spies’, from Redoubled Agents (who are forced to mislead the intelligence services after being caught as a double agent) to Agent Provocateurs (who provide information to gather as many people as possible into one location for an arrest). The act of espionage is illegal in many countries and for years the penalty if you were caught was execution. This was true right up until the end of World War II. Despite this, the benefit of espionage is so crucial to government intelligence that MI5 are reportedly recruiting spies in record numbers. If you’re one of them, or currently in the application process, OKA has you and your secret spy home covered.

These refined Pulcinella cocktail glassses are perfect for your endless list of exotic and delectable cocktails, all created with recipes acquired from various far-flung assignments. Just be sure they’re all stirred, shaken is such a giveaway.

The Cranfield Hallway Storage unit is not only a stunning piece of furniture made from mango wood, it also features three compartments, so that you can have up to three identities easily stored and accessible at any one time. Perfect for busy spies on-the-go.

When it comes to lulling the enemy into a false sense of security, there’s nothing quite like a decorative artichoke to do the trick. An attractive, seemingly innocuous thistle on the outside, a cunning disguise for a secret microphone on the inside. You’d simply never know. (Secret microphone not included).

If you’ve been looking for a sumptuous frame to draw plenty of attention to photographs of your fake cover family, look no further! Our faux shagreen frames decidedly ooze authenticity, because who would put anything other than pictures of truly loved ones in such divine frames?

Serve dinner on our hand-painted Kraak dinnerplates which are a near-exact copy of Ming Qing period pottery. They’re absolutely perfect for entertaining the people you’re investigating.

Our exquisite Airadee Mirror is an antique treasure. Grand and decadent, it is the kind of mirror you could stare into all day, practising your newly acquired accent whilst sticking down the corners of your handle-bar moustache.

stag head on the wall (faux, of course) is a particularly stylish way to reminisce upon the wilderness of survival class, during which you were dropped into the middle of a forested abyss with nothing but a swiss army knife and 300ml of water. We’ve all been there.

Our Chester 3-seater sofa provides an air of old English charm. It’s the kind of sofa you can channel Mata Hari on and seduce secrets out of all sorts of unwitting enemies. The striking studs serve only to accentuate your ‘don’t even try to resist me’ eyes.

This saddle leather trunk is stylish, sturdy and most importantly, roomy enough to hide inside, should you need a quick cover. It’s an absolute essential.

“What will make my spy application stand out?” I hear you ask. Why, timekeeping, of course! A late spy is no spy at all and with our artful Chinoiserie Carriage Clock there’s absolutely no reason to fall behind on plans of world domination.

Now that you’ve got the hard part out of the way and created the ultimate in spy-chic home furnishings, all that’s left to do is land the job. Happy espionaging.