Our guide to unique gifts under £100


Feel that? The temperature is swiftly dropping, the scent of woodsmoke is drifting around street corners, mince pies are appearing in shops, and you are gazing apprehensively at your diary. How can you possibly squeeze an afternoon of Christmas shopping into what is well known to be the busiest time of the year, you wonder?

Don’t worry, when it comes to presents, we can certainly help. Consider yourself free for more wreath weaving, tree decorating, and spending time at home with your loved ones. You may be hesitant to leave your gift ideas to someone who hasn’t known cousin Martin or your old school friend Olivia from birth, but we have a plethora of beautiful items for even the trickiest of recipients. Best of all, we can help you do it with a budget of under £100 per person, so you’ll have plenty left to spend on mulled wine on day twelve. 

The Globe Trotter

When you travel frequently, whether for work or play, little details make a big difference. Give your traveller’s bags a luxurious update in the form of a beautiful zebra print luggage tag.

Speaking of luxury, a gift set in quilted velvet and muslin will add an element of opulence to even the longest of plane journeys. It includes hangers, cosmetic bags, and an eye mask.

A memory box can hold reminders of exciting times on your intrepid adventures. We’d suggest keeping ticket stubs, restaurant cards, maps, and photos in here. As an added bonus, it will look pretty and worldly sitting on a console or side table.

A smart travel mug is a no-brainer for anyone who is always on the move and wants to reduce paper and plastic waste. Help them do it in style with a shagreen print.

The Entertainer

Our Pulcinella wine glasses come in a set of four and are delightful for anyone but perfect for someone who hosts frequently. They are each patterned with a different white design, so guests won’t mix up each other’s drinks.

An elegant and sturdy rattan serving tray is the perfect choice for a loved one who is happiest when hosting.

The Couple

For a couple that loves to be cosy, a lightweight silk and cotton reversible throw is perfect to share. With a festive poppy red on one side and a rich truffle brown on the other, they won’t even need to agree on colour choice.

When it comes to budget, our melamine Aragonez Range of crockery gives you lots of room to play. We suggest this serving bowl for a couple that loves to host outdoors, which you can even pair with a matching set of four smaller bowls.

Help them display their most treasured memories with unique and flattering photo frames. A large white bone frame is great for a those with more classic taste, but if the couple in question likes things a little bolder, you can’t go wrong by pairing small and large faux tortoiseshell frames.

If you have a little left over in your budget and want to give an extra festive and generous gift, choose one of our adorable Christmas tree ornaments. Most of our individual animal ornaments are just £8 or £10, but how fitting would a pair of hummingbirds be for the pair on your list?

The Writer

We’ve got enough colours and patterns to suit any writer in your life, but this set of red and charcoal notebooks are particularly festive. When they can have three notebooks at once, maybe they won’t be so particular about actually filling them up.

We know natural writers are often the types to treat organisation as a hobby. Why not get them a set of box files to match their notebooks?

For nights when your writer is burning the midnight oil, make sure they’re kept company by a warm glow from within these glass tortoiseshell candleholders.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that when inspiration strikes, writers must write. No one can call you an enabler—giving them a set of prettily patterned espresso cups makes you more of a patron, actually.

The Not-So-Green Thumb

Give some relief to your friend or family member who longs to be surrounded by nature but can’t quite seem to keep their houseplants alive. We have a famously extensive range of faux plants, so you’re likely to be able to find their favourite blooms or bushes, to mix and match and pair with a vase, all for under £100. If that seems a bit daunting, may we suggest this potted fern? These beautiful plants have been around since before the dinosaurs, so you can be sure they’ll bring timeless beauty to any space.

If you haven’t found your nearest and dearest reflected in one of the characters above, there’s sure to be something for them in our range of Christmas gifts.


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