Mother’s Day gift guide 2020


When you ask your mum what she wants for Mother’s Day, the chances are that ‘quality time’ will be her first request. Sweet, but not particularly helpful if you’re looking for an indulgent present. And when you’re not sure what you’re after, it’s easy to fall into the trap of panic buying something that’s not quite right. 

So, where to begin? Motherhood is a notoriously time-consuming role, so think about gifts that will allow your mum to relax and take some time to herself. Everyone’s definition of downtime is different. Does your mother most enjoy whiling away the time with a good book? Or love to come home and spend hours poring over a special recipe, glass of wine in hand? Whatever her preference, you’re sure to find something to inspire here. 

For the mum who loves a lie in 

There are few things more enjoyable than a weekend morning spent in bed, particularly when someone brings you copious cups of tea. If your mother shares this penchant, let us inspire you with some ideas as to how to make it that much better.  

First things first. To enjoy a proper lie-in, high-quality bed linen is a must: sumptuously soft bedding can do wonders for your sleep. Crisp white sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases in Egyptian cotton or fine linen are timeless, so, whether or not your mum already has plenty, they will always be well received. A soft throw is another thoughtful addition, introducing a splash of colour to the bedroom and ensuring ultimate comfort. Don’t forget about beautiful pyjamas; silk is an excellent choice thanks to its tactile and long-lasting nature.  

Once you’re certain that she’ll be well-rested, it’s time for the pièce de résistance: breakfast in bed.  

For the magpie 

Most people have a little bit of magpie in them. After all, it’s hard to resist the appeal of a decorative golden hedgehog or elegant brass bowls if you have a spare surface that’s in need of a little decoration. If your mother’s house is bursting with shiny things from top to bottom, it’s likely she falls into this category.  

When the bookshelves and console tables are full to the brim, indulge her love of all things that sparkle with an item that is practical too. An opulent table lamp can add the same amount of drama to a side table as an ornament, plus it has functionality on its side. Rather than trying to bring character with out-of-the-ordinary pieces, look to the everyday. If she also loves to host, choose a tray that will always be in use; if she’s been searching for something to fill a blank wall, opt for a gold-detailed mirror that will fit perfectly. The beauty of silver and gold hues is that they work just about anywhere.

For the florist at heart 

If your mother is always rushing home to take care of her other children – the green ones – we have some excellent gift ideas. When they’re in their prime, house plants usually need re-potting every 12 to 18 months, and early spring is the optimum time of year to do this. Beat your mum to this task and buy some beautiful pots and planters that she can transfer her precious ferns and money plants to. If you’re not quite sure which size to choose, opt for the larger – the extra space can always be filled with potting soil or pebbles. Remember that with all the pot-switching, it’s likely that your mum might have one or two small pots going spare, that have been outgrown. Purchase some small plants to add to her greenhouse, because as every plant parent knows, you can never have too many.  

If being green-fingered is more of an aspiration than a reality, we can help with that too. Artificial flowers and plants have made a comeback, and rightly so. Ours are remarkably lifelike and require zero maintenance – aside from a little dusting now and then – and bring a natural element to a room in an instant. Receiving your favourite flower is always a treat, so why not buy a bunch that will last for years to come this Mother’s Day?  

For the foodie  

Mothers who love food, drink and all things entertaining are always fun to buy for – it’s easy to spend hours perusing vintage wine cellars or turning your nose to the smelliest and most delicious cheeses in search of one she’ll adore. Once you’ve found these delicacies, take it one step further and invest in all the essentials for enjoying them too. Patterned wine glasses are not only an excellent pairing to her favourite bottle, but a welcome addition to the drinks cabinet. If you share her passion for great food, cooking her favourite meal or taking her to a brand-new restaurant will always go down well.