Luxury cushions – why choose OKA?


We believe that you can never have too many cushions. They are, without a doubt, the simplest and most effective way to transform a room in an instant.  You can scatter them on a sofa, use them solo on an armchair or create an interesting array on a bed. For those of us who opt for white walls and neutral furniture in our homes, a cushion is an easy way to add colour to your scheme without the commitment that comes with painting or upholstering furniture. If you decide you fancy a change, simply swap the cushion cover, and if you’re not happy, change it back again!

With such a huge range of cushions out there to choose from from vibrant colourful ones to grey cushions, why should you buy one from OKA? Well, we think we have some pretty good reasons.

Ever expanding range

At the last count, we had over 200 styles available, so we’re pretty confident that there will be at least one design that catches your eye. Although we are continually introducing new designs each season, we don’t neglect our older cushions. An existing pattern might now come in a different colourway, or we’ll add a new size so you can mix and match large and small in the same style. Some of the prints that appear on our cushions will also feature on fabrics, chair covers and lampshades, allowing you to achieve a fully coherent scheme across your accessories.

Rainbow of colour

Do you know your damson from your caviar? The difference between burnt orange and dirty orange? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’ll certainly appreciate the vast amount of colours we offer across both plain and patterned covers.

For autumn and winter, we’ve added lots of muted tones such as sage and aubergine to reflect the changing of the seasons, marking the transition away from the bright shades of summer and the pale hues of spring. Rich, jewel tones dominate our velvet cushions, with ruby, amethyst and citrine making their debut.

Mix and match

From the striking to the subtle, we have an array of patterns to suit a variety of schemes. Be bold by using Ikat prints or keep things simple with delicately embroidered motifs like many of our multi coloured cushions. To pull focus in a scheme, take a very busy patterned cover, choose a featured colour and pair it with a plain cushion cover in the same shade, creating a contrast.

Likewise, by positioning a small rectangular cushion in front of a large square cushion you can play with scale. The design possibilities are endless, and can be totally transformed with the addition or subtraction of a cushion (or in the case of our reversible Oleander and Neroli covers, just by turning it over).

Touch of texture

Don’t just concentrate on colour and pattern; changes in material can add different textures to your cushion scheme. The majority of our cushions are made from 100% linen, which looks good all year round. As we approach the colder months, velvet is an obvious choice thanks to its soft and luxurious feel. The cotton blend we use features a small percentage of synthetic material, and whilst we would usually object to a material that isn’t 100% natural, we have found that this particular fabric is more hard-wearing making it a very practical choice for interiors.

Lovers of natural materials will adore our new jute cushions, printed using pure vegetable dye and piped with raw jute ‘rope’ for a charmingly rustic feel. Likewise, those looking for something slightly different should take a look at our unique Tussah Silk cushion covers. Each one is printed by hand so no two are the same, and the raw nature of the material means that some will feature naturally occurring inclusions and slubs, but we think this only adds to their authenticity and individuality.

Two levels of luxury

Our cushion covers and cushion pads are sold separately. The reason we do this is because we want you to have options; if you need to purchase a cushion pad as well then that’s great, but if you don’t, you are able to just buy the cushion cover. It can often be quite inconvenient to have to buy the cushion pad included. Say, for example, you change your cushion covers seasonally (as we do), you will have no requirement for these extra cushion pads that will take up storage space and serve no purpose. You might, for instance, have an allergy which requires you to use a special hypo-allergenic cushion pad inside your cushion covers. Or you may just want to choose the right one for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cushion pads which is why we offer two different types. Our standard (and cheaper of the two) pads are filled with shredded duck feathers for a soft, squashy pad that is entirely natural – and also very comfortable. For ultimate comfort, we suggest you opt for our luxury duck down and feather combination. It may be the slightly more expensive option of the two, but if you’re someone who appreciates quality, you’re sure to notice the difference. The lightweight down provides incredible softness so we suggest you use our luxury pad on the cushions you and your guests will use frequently, and select our standard pad for cushions on display. Whichever one you choose is up to you – we just think it’s nice to be given the option!

If you’re near one of our shops, why not pop in and view all the cushions we have to offer, and see (or feel) for yourself how luxurious they are. Our interiors advisors will always offer helpful advice and we’ll encourage you to arrange a selection of cushions on our sofas and beds in the showroom, until you find the perfect combination.