Interior design trends: Spring 2021


How we interact with our homes is ever-changing. They’ve been the focus of our attention over the past year, and still are, but now we’re starting to reimagine our spaces in new ways for the coming months. Namely, getting them in shape for the momentous occasion that is having dinner parties inside and hosting guests overnight, as well as rethinking which items and places are most important to us. We spoke to a member of our Interior Design team, Sarina Hawkins, who talked us through four key OKA “trends” for the season ahead.

Sing the praises of blue

Be it rich and dark or warm and vibrant, we’ve always been fans of blue at OKA. With myriad timeless shades, it’s about as versatile a colour as you can find. “Blue is having a real moment,” says Hawkins. “You can create a relaxed beach house look or go quite Scandi with it, it completely depends.” It’s a colour that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what you match it with, which is all part of its appeal. “I’ve been pairing our Perfect Navy velvet with Hot Pink recently – it’s the perfect velvet combination,” she explains.

After an uncertain year, it’s no wonder that people are looking to blue when redecorating: it’s a colour associated with peace, serenity and comfort. Tempted to experiment with blue? The dining room is a great place to start. It’s a space many of us are looking to spruce up ahead of the long-awaited moment when we can host friends and family inside again, and deep shades are ideal for lending a sophisticated edge. For a quick-fix that goes a long way, incorporate patterned china, but for a total refresh look to comfortable dining chairs that will allow you to sit and catch-up until long after dessert is finished.

A room of one’s own: the snug

Whether you live with a partner, have a big family or plenty of housemates, “alone time” has become one of the most luxurious concepts. “The feeling of wanting to create an oasis in your own home is something that everyone can relate to at the moment,” says Hawkins. “If you have the room, it’s nice to have a place to escape to,” she muses.

So, while the snug of the past has often been less “tranquil space” and more “extra cupboard”, it’s having a revival. Think comfortable sofas, cosy throws and atmospheric lighting – essentially “a nice place to read and have a glass of wine”. If you don’t have an extra room to play with, a forgotten corner can work just as well – all you really need is a slight change of scene and a designated space. Floor cushions are an excellent choice for small homes; they act as portable spots to switch off and you can take them outside easily on warm evenings.

A look at mood lighting

“This past year has been all about making your home comfortable and cosy and a big part of that is lighting,” explains Hawkins. “But now people are starting to think about lighting for entertaining as well,” she says. So, it’s time to forgo the bright task lighting we’ve all been relying on for working from home, and start considering how to achieve that warm, ambient glow that makes guests feel welcome as soon as they enter the room.

What makes the perfect mood lighting? It all depends on your space, but the key is having plenty of light sources working together. Switch off the overhead lights – or utilise the dimmer switches, if you have them – and look to a combination of floor lamps and candles to create atmosphere in the dining room. Aesthetics are important too, of course, so if you’re revamping your lighting for the summer months consider what will bring a fresh feel to your space. Think organic shapes and textures, and playful patterned lampshades.

It’s the little things

The mantra of “the little things make the biggest difference” has never felt truer, and this sentiment extends to your home as well. “Faux flowers are so popular right now – they just add that boost to any space,” Hawkins muses.

With nature in full bloom outside, faux flowers are the ideal way to bring the outside in, without any hassle. You can liven up your bedside table, workspace or hallway display in an instant with a pre-arranged bunch, or, given that a far-flung escape is still rather uncertain at the moment, why not bring the holiday feeling home with a faux fiddle plant?


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