Interior design tips


Updating your home can seem like a daunting prospect, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. Whether you’ve moved to a new home and are a complete novice when it comes to decorating, or you’ve lived in your house for a very long time and fancy a change, our top ten interior design tips will help you along the way.

If this is all a bit daunting, then get in touch with our Interior Design Team and see if we can help you with your project.

The bed is the main focus of a bedroom so a quick, cost-effective way to refresh the room is to update your bed linen and add plenty of cushions and throws to add luxury.

Wall art
Pictures and paintings will add interest to a room. Positioning is very important; they should be hung at eye level so that you look directly at them and grouping a number of smaller pictures together can also be very effective.

The use of mirrors can give the illusion of more space and increase light in darker areas. Our new Large Versailles Mirror would make an interesting focal point in a room due to its three-dimensional look and antique distressed frame.

Hide clutter
It’s not easy keeping our homes tidy, particularly if you have children, but our trunks and chests are an effective and attractive way to hide odds and ends. We particularly love our Rattan storage too as it comes in various shapes and sizes.

Look through books and magazines and collect images that inspire you. Keep them in a folder along with fabric and colour samples so that when you go shopping you can take it with you in order to match your ideas with your new purchases.

When designing your lighting plan, first asses how much natural light you have. Take into consideration any focal points that you want to pick out such as art works or dining tables, then combine a mixture of floor lampstable lamps and candles to create a flexible and inviting lighting plan.

Measure up
Check how much space a piece of furniture will take up before buying with our Measuring Up Guide. Simply take a piece of newspaper and make a template of the item. Place the paper on floor to see if the dimensions work with your existing furniture.

Define areas in your room with rugs. Large-open plan rooms benefit being separated into smaller more intimate areas. But remember, since they are in the same room they need to complement each other in style and colour.

Updating cushionsthrowsrugs and candles is a quick and inexpensive way of refreshing your scheme. You can use them to introduce a new accent colour to an existing neutral scheme and even change them to compliment the seasons.

Plants give life to a room but fresh flowers and plants are difficult to maintain. There are many faux plants available that give the same effect but you don’t have to remember to water them and they will last forever!