Home décor gifts for design lovers


Christmas will soon be here again, and hopefully as it inches closer your lists, both to-do and gift, are getting steadily shorter. You’ve got something for your green-fingered sister-in-law, something for your music-obsessed nephew, maybe even something for your furry friend who is thankfully not too picky). But then there’s that tricky person with the unattainably beautiful house and discriminating taste in home décor. Where do they get their interesting artwork? How do they arrange everything in their home to such effect? How on earth they make it look so easy? And what can you possibly get them for Christmas that they don’t already have? Unsurprisingly, finding a gift for the stylish design lover in your life can be an intimidating prospect, so we’ve prepared a few ideas we hope will help.

Start with the walls

Whilst people who appreciate good design have a hugely diverse array of tastes, sensibilities and styles, you can always spot a design lover when you walk into their home and come face-to-face with a captivating work of art. Chances are, your design lover enjoys swapping in new pieces from time-to-time. Or perhaps they have a gallery wall full of interesting pictures they’ve picked up over the years which they constantly rearrange. If their style is eclectic and playful, a framed collage will fit in seamlessly. For the discerning collector of botanical prints, pick your poison: you’ll find seaweeds, ferns, tulips and seashells in our range. If only something truly unique will do, take a look at some mirrored pieces, 3D sculptures or colourful fibre art.

Switch on the lights

Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating the look and feel of a space, so it’s no surprise that design enthusiasts can be relied upon to appreciate a good lamp. From reading lights to chandeliers and everything in between, there’s a huge variety of styles available in every price range. To start with, really think about your design lover’s personality and the way they decorate their home – once you have that in mind, it’s easy to pick something that will fit in. Would a leopard table lamp crowned with a patterned shade look at home prowling among their house plants? Would a foxed glass wall lamp be the next logical step in creating their small-scale hall of mirrors? Or could they simply use a few LED candles and holders to cast a cosy glow over their home? Candlelight always improves a winter’s evening.

A little rattan never hurt anyone

Rattan is a true classic that fits quite unexpectedly into all sorts of schemes and design periods, from Victoriana to 1970s bohemian-chic to the ultra-modern. It never seems to go out of style, having been popular as a furniture material in Europe since the 16th century. We’ve always been fans, but this year it has been particularly on-trend once again, showing up not just in garden furniture sets but in forms as diverse as headboards, wall panels and tableware. Anything made from rattan is an excellent choice of gift for a design-conscious friend or family member, who will be able to appreciate both its history and its contemporary appeal. Rattan furniture and storage was one of OKA’s original product offerings, and today you’ll find plenty of choices for any budget, but some of our smaller pieces, such as placemats, cake stands and condiment carries, make particularly good gifts. And for a dog of discerning taste, there’s no better gift than our rattan pet bed.  

Arrange a one-of-a-kind bouquet

Faux blooms make a thoughtful gift for someone who adores decorating with flowers but isn’t particularly green-fingered, and an even more considerate one for someone who doesn’t have the time to care for a conservatory full of them. Our faux botanicals are some of the most lifelike around, thanks to the guiding hand of our co-founder and horticulturalist Lucinda Waterhouse. When our stores are open, visit one of our dedicated florists and treat your design lover to a new vase and a one-of-a-kind Bunched by OKA bouquet, hand-picked from our range of individual flower stems and foliage and designed to their taste. If a trip to the shops isn’t on the cards, one of our pre-arranged seasonal bunches are just as easy to choose online as they are to care for (they just need a quick blast with a hairdryer every once in a while).

Indulge their deepest design fantasies

Here’s a truly different gift that will really impress your design lover – book them a consultation with our experienced interior design team, and give them a budget towards the designers’ recommendations. The initial consultation is free, but longer term projects are subject to fees. Not only will your aesthetically-conscious friend have the chance to indulge in learning more about their passion with a likeminded industry expert, they’ll receive tailored recommendations and design advice, and bring home something beautiful as well. If they have a vision for a larger project in mind but need a little help in realising it, this could be the perfect way to help them put the wheels in motion. Our talented designers have an impressive portfolio of homes all over the world and are ready to help with any project, no matter how big or small. They’re available for virtual consultations, too, so your design lover can enjoy every bit of this gift from the comfort of their own home.


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