It’s all in your head(board)


The average person spends a third of their life in bed, so it makes sense to make it the most luxurious place in your home.

Your bed is not just a mattress and base, it is a symbol of comfort, elegance and beauty. This is your sacred space, it needs to be the place that you feel most comfortable, most relaxed and most at peace. But it also has to show your personal style, cue the headboard. It’s difficult to see how comfortable a mattress is, before you lay on it, but a headboard, you can see it even from a picture. Here we show you four identical beds, so you can see how different headboards and cushions can transform your bedroom. Which do you like best?

Jadahua headboard

Drawing on the art deco period, our opulent Jadahua was designed to create a focal point. Upholstered in rich velvet and adorned with hundreds of small brass-coloured studs, this scooped headboard makes even the simplest of beds look dramatic. Our Huaca Cushion Covers are the perfect match; their wide charcoal stripe complements the truffle tone of the headboard. Plus, they’re reversible, so you can easily refresh your bed whenever the mood takes you.

Chesterfield headboard

urn your bedroom into a five-star retreat with our Chesterfield Headboard. Inspired by the iconic sofa, this epic high-rise headboard features classic deep-button detail, distressed oak legs and soft, cracked leather upholstery. Whilst impressive in size, the Chesterfield’s neutral shade makes it incredibly versatile; the perfect blank canvas for patterned throws and cushions. With their Venetian-inspired designs, the Dandolo and Cornaro cushion covers offer just the right amount of colour and character. 

Guiana headboard

Invite a little Rococo glamour into your scheme with the Guiana headboard. Finished to perfection, this French Gustavian-style piece features hand-woven double caning and carved twisted ribbon detailing. Painted a muted flannel gray, it will make a statement in the bedroom without overwhelming your look. The Guiana pairs wonderfully with our Heshun Cushion Cover, designed by Lucinda Waterhouse, which has a faded, textural aesthetic.

Astrid headboard

In a delicate grey tone, Astrid does understated elegance to perfection and is a beautiful alternative to the traditional upholstered headboard. Drawing on minimal Scandinavian styling, this design is ideal for creating a minimal look. Once you’ve set the tranquil tone, add texture with cushions in a similar colour palette. With its delicate, hand block-printed floral design, the Mawal is an excellent choice.