A is for armoires


Our OKA alphabet begins with the armoire, a statement piece of furniture and an essential if you’re lacking built-in cupboard space. Armoire is French for wardrobe and we use it to describe pieces that take their inspiration from classic French design. Cupboards and cabinets fall into the same category and these pieces form an important building block in many schemes. In fact, if you’re starting a room from scratch and you need to include storage space, it makes sense to choose your armoire or cupboard first and then build your scheme around it.

A beautiful armoire or cupboard will set the tone of room. By definition they’re large-scale pieces (an early measurement of wardrobe size was ‘eight small men’, a good-sized double wardrobe should be large enough to hold within it, eight small men!) so it’s important to take measurements and choose the right sized piece for your room. Ours come in a range of sizes from the ingenious, space-saving Cranfield Hallway Storage (which by virtue of its three compartments with three hooks in each, plus cubby holes at the top and bottom, has even more storage) all the way up to the impressive, mirror-fronted Geddes Cabinet which will hold an entire collection of books or serve as a useful larder.

Those searching for a French country-style armoire should opt for the very roomy Alford or the art deco Iliosse. And, if you’re worried about access, a good proportion of our armoires and cabinets break down into two halves which makes them easy to install and to move (and to take with you if you move house).

With finishes ranging from solid Oak to beautifully antiqued, painted wood and configurations that feature drawers, shelves and hanging rails (these last two are often interchangeable giving really flexible storage), our range of armoires and cupboards offer a beautiful and practical storage solution. Whether you’re looking to hide stuff away or to show it off to its best advantage then an armoire or cabinet is the way to go.

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