Space-saving side tables


Having spent a long time in the shadow of its larger, showier counterparts, the humble side table is now having its moment in the spotlight. They’re incredibly functional, providing a place to perch glasses, display a decorative artichoke, make a feature of favourite photographs…the list goes on. Apart from being an obvious resting place, a side table adds depth to your scheme and can pull the look of a room together.

In small rooms a side table needs a lot of consideration. Having restricted space can be a bit of a catch 22; you don’t want to buy furniture that will clutter, but in turn, everything needs a home. If you’re stuck in this pickle, look no further than this selection of space-saving designs.

Nested side tables

It doesn’t get much more space-savvy than nested tables. They’re an excellent choice for those who want lots of surface space one day and a minimal look the next: you never have to choose between the two as the smaller table can be tucked away discretely under the larger. With a glass top and sleek stainless steel corners, our set of Oleta Nested Side Tables is a fabulous choice for contemporary homes. Their transparent nature allows them to blend easily into their environment, so they appear to take up even less space. For a more glamorous take, these art deco-inspired nested side tables are perfect for whipping out as an extra surface to perch cocktails and canapes at parties.

Folding side tables

Folding side tables speak for themselves in a small space, they’re like a game of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’. Folding flat, there’s nothing easier to tuck away in a corner or cupboard than one of these clever little designs—although they’re so pretty it does seem a shame to keep them out of sight. This card table provides a ready surface for a game of chess or draughts should the mood take you, or brings a playful touch to a corner.

Narrow side tables

A narrow side table is ideal for tight spaces next to a sofa or at the end of the hallway. Those with shelves are particularly good; you’re getting style and extra surfaces all bundled into one. This Bibury Side Table fits the bill perfectly, featuring a slender silhouette and light grey finish that is subtle enough not to overwhelm a colour palette. Mirrored designs also work well in a small room, providing reflection and the illusion of light. Our Rivulet Three Tiered Side Table does this particularly well; its mirrored shelves on an open frame mean it feels like it’s taking up barely any space. The multi-layered design also provides plenty of surface space whilst taking up little real estate on the floor.

Side tables, or seats?

The barrel seat/side table is what furniture looks like when it gets its work-life balance spot on. In the week, it’s functional, it’s supportive, on-hand when you need it. Come the weekend, it’s the life and soul of the party, a firm favourite with guests. With a barrel seat/side table, you can be perching a drink on it one second and a friend the next; it doesn’t get much more versatile than that. This two-in-one nature really comes into its own in a small room, there’s no worry about having to purchase folding chairs and where on earth to put them.

Still fretting over space? An extendable dining table could solve all your problems—we’ve already compiled our favourites for you here.

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