Selecting a rug to suit your lifestyle


With so many types of rugs for sale, it can be tricky to determine which one is the best rug for your home. Not only must it fit in with your existing décor, but it should also be practical for your lifestyle. Just like other decorative accessories, rugs can also give an insight into your character. Whether you’re a city socialite with a penchant for parties, an adventurer who loves being outdoors, a country lady who hosts lunches for friends, or a stay-at-home parent, we can find you the right rug to suit your personality.

What rug is right for a city socialite?

Throwing a party can be hard on the host – and on your interiors too. If you often have lots of people around your house, make sure to choose a rug that will stand up to frequent footfall and one that’s easy to clean. A flat woven rug such as a kelim or a dhurrie is ideal – as they have no pile, they don’t trap crumbs or dirt, so all these rugs need is a quick vacuum now and again to keep them looking their best. Most flat woven rugs are also reversible, so if you spot a stain on one side, you can simply turn it over and use the other side.

But what if you’re concerned that guests will spill wine or drop food on your favourite rug? There’s no need to worry – flat woven rugs are often made from cotton or a cotton/wool blend, making them lighter and thinner than woollen rugs, so it won’t require much effort to roll up the rug and store it under a sofa or bed during the party.

So you love being outdoors – what rug is for you?

Camping, skiing, fishing, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding – if you spend most of your spare time outside, then how about opting for a rug that reflects your love of the great outdoors? Animal hides and furs were one of the first materials used for rugs, providing much-needed softness and warmth for very basic homes or shelters.

Sheepskin rugs are still popular today because they are natural and durable. Hand-made from individual skins sewn together to create a larger rug, the woolly texture and ivory hue will bring a cosy feel to a bedroom or sitting room (and just imagine how nice it will feel to walk on barefoot). Our small and lightweight goat hair rugs are perfect for creating a ski chalet or hunting lodge look (combine with some rustic wooden furniture for the full effect), and can even be thrown over sofas and chairs for an extra layer of comfort.

You’re a country lady that lunches – what’s an elegant rug?

Whether an old family heirloom or an auction house find, antique rugs have always been a design staple of a traditional country home, but they come with a large price tag. Nowadays, there are many clever techniques that can give a rug the appearance of an antique piece for a fraction of the cost. The well-worn and well-loved look and feel of an antique rug is what gives it its charm – it suggests that this is a welcoming and friendly house. An aged or faded floral print rug is a timeless and elegant piece that will always work well in any country house sitting or dining room, but if florals don’t take your fancy, a Turkish-inspired rug in muted colours will bring that same subtle warmth to your scheme.

Why a stay-at-home parent needs a comfortable woollen rug

For those who spend much of their time at home – from housewives (or homebodies as they’re now known) to stay-at-home parents, to those whose home is also their office – a comfortable rug is a must. A woollen rug with a deep pile will provide the most comfort underfoot – great if you’re running around the house all day! This Moroccan Berber-style hand-knotted woollen rug is ideal – it’s large, it’s soft and the combination of a simple diamond pattern in neutral tones will work anywhere. If you want to add a pop of colour instead, this bright turquoise rug made from high-quality New Zealand wool offers a contemporary twist on a similar design.

What does a designer rug say about you?

Of course, not everyone fits into a neat little box – maybe you’re a city socialite who works from home, hosts lunches for friends and also happens to have a passion for outdoor activities! If you didn’t choose a designer rug based on your lifestyle, perhaps your choice of rug subliminally says something about you? For example, a striped dhurrie rug or one with minimal colours and a simple pattern (like our Ladakh Rug with its dainty diamonds and crosses) could imply that you’re a very orderly and practical person, reflected by this unfussy design. If you go for one of our Chyangra goat hair rugs, it suggests that your tastes are quite individual – favouring unique pieces over mainstream trends – but you’re not adverse to a little bit of luxury. Our Zagora and Taimana Rugs embody the marriage of traditional methods with a modern design, so if you’ve got your eye on these, you’re probably someone who usually plays it safe but is trying to be braver with your choices – and this piece is your compromise.

With so many of us shunning carpets in our homes in favour of a wooden, laminate or tiled floor, a rug can provide a happy middle ground. Available in a huge range of designs, materials and colours, you’re sure to find a rug that meets all your practical needs and reflects your own personal style. So next, why not learn more about how to use rugs throughout your home.