Room fragrance buying guide


Perfecting the look and feel of a space is so satisfying; you’ve searched high and low for all the right furniture, the lighting is deliciously warm, the colour scheme is tied neatly together with wall art and accessories…everything is just as you pictured it. Everything should be just right, but there’s something missing and you can’t quite put your finger on what that is. We have the answer: room fragrance.

Often overlooked, room fragrance completes the inviting ambiance everyone wants to achieve in their house. Choosing the right one requires lots of consideration; it’s something that represents you and your home. Whether it’s how to add fragrance, the right scent to choose or tips on what works best in different rooms, our handy room fragrance buying guide is on-hand to help.


The easiest and most common way to amplify the mood of a room is with scented candles or fragrance diffusers. Each has its own merits; candles not only add a beautiful aroma but instant atmosphere with their warm, cosy glow, whereas diffusers tend to last longer and are considered safer due to their lack of flame. Another benefit of diffusers is that they require zero worry or attention, they just sit wherever you place them, looking and smelling pretty.

Scented candles and fragrance diffusers vary in their composition and therefore how they work. With candles, the wax itself is infused with fragrance and the aroma is released through the evaporation of this fragrance from the hot wax when the candle is lit.

A diffuser is typically comprised of a bundle of reed sticks, which sit in a jar of fragranced oil and alcohol solution. The structure of reeds includes long open channels, so the fragrance is absorbed upwards and then naturally dispersed around the room.


When browsing room fragrances, you’ll likely see them categorised into four kinds of scents: citrus, floral, spicy and woody. Each helps to create a different vibe in your home.

Citrus scents are exactly what they say on the tin: characterised by notes of zesty fruits like lemon, lime and grapefruit. With their balanced aroma of sweet and sharp scents, they’re ideal for energising a room. Our Citrus Garden fragrance diffuser is the epitome of this refreshing feel, with tangy overtones balanced by an earthy base.

If you’re eternally daydreaming of your spring garden in full bloom, then a floral scent could be the one for you. Whilst they can create a feminine ambiance, there’s plenty of variation within floral fragrances; notes of lavender being heavier and lily lighter for instance.

Spicy scents often come into their own during the chillier months as their rich tones of cinnamon, ginger and clove evoke feelings of warmth. Spiced fragrances can be quite intense, so opt for a luxurious candle in a small space and diffuser in a larger one.

Last but not least, we have woody scents. Sandalwood, cedar and pine often dominate these fragrances, so the overall effect of the fragrance is alluring whilst still retaining a fresh feel.


Now you’ve decided which scent suits you, it’s equally important to consider where it will create the best mood in your home. The hallway is an excellent place to start as it will add to that all-important first impression. Ideally you want something welcoming and subtle, so a light woody fragrance is a good option.

In the sitting room, opt for something warm and comforting to create an environment that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining alike—anything which has scents of cedarwood or vanilla will work perfectly. It can be a little trickier with the dining room, as you don’t want anything to take away from the delicious food you’ll be serving. Something light and crisp in candle form is an excellent choice, adding a warm glow as well as scent.

Notes of orchid and white lily are particularly popular in the bedroom as they’re so fresh, as are jasmine and sandalwood for their de-stressing properties. To set a more romantic mood, you can’t go wrong with light florals like jasmine and rose.