Incorporate nature-inspired elements into your décor


If you live in a metropolitan area and want to feel more connected to the great outdoors, or simply love all things natural and organic – you’re in for a treat. You may have noticed that we don’t follow trends. Our collections take inspiration from different decades, countries and movements, with the idea that they should blend into a scheme with ease – complementing both vintage treasures and contemporary designs. However, it’s no secret that natural home accessories are very á la mode – you can’t flick through an interiors blog or magazine without spotting an antler, bird-themed piece or a scattering of botanical leaf prints. If you’d like a little slice of this trend in your own home, here are a few pointers on how to incorporate nature-inspired elements into your décor.

How to work natural colours into your home

Give a space a breath of fresh air with a handful of accessories inspired by the outdoors. Opt for azure pieces the colour of the sea and sky, green cushions and ornaments as a nod to leaves, trees and plants, and yellow home décor reminiscent of a ray of sun, or a bunch of fresh flowers. Cushion covers are a novel way to add that burst of colour. Cultivate a sense of serenity in your home with natural coloured designs, in shades of ecru, ochre, beige, cream and grey – which will make a great backdrop for a scattering of brightly coloured cushions and accessories.

Choose furniture and accessories crafted from natural materials

Feel more connected to the environment by bringing a few wooden, jute and rattan pieces into the home. They look better with age, bring warmth to bare surroundings and are often made by hand. Whether you lean towards modern or traditional wooden furniture, opt for designs with visible knots and natural markings that give the piece character.

Don’t forget about your floors. Jute is a shiny vegetable fibre spun into strong threads that can be woven into the most wonderfully coarse rugs. Great for adding a layer of texture and giving a hallway or sitting room a rustic edge. Keep clutter out of sight in a set of rattan storage baskets, and as a final flourish, add cotton cushions and linen or wool throws to tie together all your natural-coloured furniture and accessories.

Why we love faux flowers and plants

This year, biophilic design has taken off, with people decorating their homes using a plethora of succulents, cacti, orchids, wreaths and faux flowers. But where did our penchant for pot plants stem from? A lot of research has been conducted into the correlation between house plants and human health. Natural and artificial plants have been said to increase productivity and boost mood, and real blooms even act as natural humidifiers. All forms of foliage are a great (and affordable) way to make a simple room look extra special. Plus, there’s no denying that the growing prominence of social media has helped fuel the popularity of house plants and faux blooms. Not only are faux flowers stunning, they’re also incredibly Instagram-able. Recreate the aroma of real blooms with a reed diffuser or a scented candle – our Oriental Garden and Fragrant Wood scents would do the trick.

Get on board with faux antlers

Even though decorative animal heads can have a slightly macabre air about them, their natural, beautifully carved silhouettes are easy on the eye and perfect for adding a sense of drama to a space. No longer restricted to boot rooms and banqueting halls, antlers have been revived and could be placed in a minimal, modern scheme just as easily as they could in a rustic, primitive country lodge – complete with wooden beams and slate floors. A faux animal skull looks fantastic looming over a mantelpiece or positioned in multiples around another focal feature, such as a painting or mirror. As a subtle nod to this gothic, revered look, decorate your dining table and sitting room with some faux antler tableware or bookends.

Transform your home with bird-themed accessories

It’s easy to understand why bird-watching is such a popular hobby. Delicate, dainty and melodic, birds have such a calming presence about them and the most exquisitely coloured feathers. We like paying tribute to our feathered friends as birds are lovely to look at and have strong positive connotations, symbolising freedom, peace and harmony. Transform your home into an aviary with bird-themed textiles, objets d’art and tableware.

If your house isn’t already filled from corner to corner with interior décor inspired by nature, kit your surfaces, walls and floors out with a cornucopia of accessories based on flora, fauna and woodland creatures. It’s easy to get on board with this look, as it’s fun without being too over-the-top and you can choose between going all out and decorating your space with a bit of everything or selecting a couple of pieces to subtly integrate the trend into your home.

We love to bring the outdoors in, so – naturally – our website and stores are packed with an array of exciting pieces, perfect for bringing a bit of the natural world to a room of choice.

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