Light up a room to boost your mood


The way you light the different rooms in your house has been proven to affect your mood and others around you. 

How can lighting up a room boost your mood?

We know that smart use of lighting can make a home look fantastic. Even the most apparently minor improvement, such as an uplight in the hallway to accentuate some art or a dimmer switch in the bedroom to up the ambience factor, can change the look and feel of a home instantly. And for the better.

But lighting can also work wonders in another area: your mood, your mind and your wellbeing. We’re not just talking about natural lighting either. The benefits there are well-known. No – artificial lighting also has a real role to play in boosting our brains, helping us feel more optimistic and getting our synapses firing that little bit more.

As we enter the colder, that-little-bit-darker months, the OKA team have got their heads together and come up with a set of bright lighting ideas you can take and use in your own home. They’ve come from interior design professionals and are designed to help you maximise your use of light in your space.

The infographic covers all the major rooms of the house. So you could start small with just one room, or give your whole house a lighting makeover. As a taster, let’s walk through 3 of the rooms. Take a look at the full infographic and share your thoughts with us.

How can you light up your hallway?

Your hallway is an important but often overlooked space: as it’s the first part of your house your guests will see, it’s important that it makes that all-important good first impression. It can also be a good source of natural light, and a great place to add artificial lighting.

In the day, maximise your hallway for as much natural light as possible. There’s something so satisfying about a pool of light streaming through an entranceway. What’s more, plenty of light helps you feel comfortable and more at ease.

Place a console table at one or both ends of your hallway, positioned beneath mirrors or pictures. This accents the space perfectly, as well as giving you some extra space.

What ways can you light up your bedroom?

The lights beside your bed are probably the best used lamps in your house; used daily, they are essential all year round and, what’s more, they are likely to be the most prominent accessories in your bedroom. Your bedroom encompasses all aspects of your daily routine: it’s where you probably get dressed, look yourself in the mirror before you head out to work and where you share the day’s events with a partner.

In your bedroom, use lighting to regulate your internal body clock. This should help you sleep better, bringing benefits including clarity of mind, alertness, optimism and more. To achieve this, employ softly-lit lighting by buying low-watt bulbs. Switch them on as you prepare for bed and the lower light levels will increase the melatonin in your body, readying you for slumber.

If you enjoy reading in bed, make sure your reading lamps are at a sufficient height. A good rule-of-thumb is for the edge of the lampshade to be significantly above the height at which a book is held.

How can you add lighting in your garden?

In spring, summer and those (admittedly rare) mild autumn and winter days, your garden serves as a tranquil space in which to relax, put your feet up, unwind and forget about the pressures of the everyday. How can you make it a space to boost your mood?

Opt for lights green and blue in hue. This creates a sense of nature, disconnecting you from the bright lights of home and the city, relaxing your mind in the process.

Invest in some outdoor lighting. This allows you to spend more time in your garden, most of the year round. For winter, consider a heat source so you can really make the most of it. In summer, pepper pathways with small solar-powered lights for added evening atmosphere.

Here you can see the full infographic:

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