How to create your ideal dressing room


When thinking about the must-have rooms in your next home, a dressing room is often at the top of the wish list. No longer considered indulgent, a dressing room allows your bedroom to remain a space purely for sleeping and provides somewhere else to get ready for the day ahead. If you’ve got a box room that’s too small for a bed, or even a corner of a master bedroom that’s begging to be shown a bit of love and attention, a dressing area will be a welcome addition. But where to begin? From dressing tables, to storage and lighting, here are the key pieces to include and a few things to bear in mind when creating your ideal dressing room.

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How to choose the right dressing table

In our expert opinion, a dressing table is the number one essential when furnishing a dressing room. Make it the star of the show, and the style of your dressing table will set the tone for the rest of the room. If you’re designing an art deco-inspired dressing room, choose a mirrored dressing table for a glamorous twist. Creating a ‘his and hers’ shared dressing room? A dark wooden dressing table will give the space a more masculine edge. Going for something simple yet luxurious? This faux shagreen and gold-leafed dressing table is the perfect fit. The right dressing table should combine style with substance, offering drawers and/or shelves to keep the top as clutter-free as possible (we know this is easier said than done!).

A beautiful dressing table demands equally beautiful (and comfortable) seating. Many of our upholstered dining chairs would work well; the elegant Stafford chair is a classic design that suits a variety of dressing room schemes, and comes in different colours of velvet, linen and leather. If you’re short on space, go for a stool that can be neatly tucked under your dressing table when not in use.

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What furniture is essential for a dressing room?

Plenty of storage, both large and small, is essential for your dressing room. Always get more storage than you need and as much as the space allows. Take a look at your clothes to work out what type of storage is best – are the majority of your items hung up or folded? Try to include a combination of large double wardrobes for hanging dresses, shirts and suits, and chests of drawers or open shelves for knitwear, trousers and t-shirts, alongside trunks and chests for seasonal clothes. For smaller items, such as belts, scarves or hats, use a selection of different sized rattan baskets on top of wardrobes or on shelves to store your belongings out of sight.

However, there’s no need to hide everything away behind cupboard doors. Open shelving that makes a feature out of your clothes or accessories is a fun way to use the space – we love the idea of using mirrored shelves to show off an extensive shoe or handbag collection. For really spacious dressing rooms, don’t forget to include a sofaarmchair or upholstered ottoman, or even a chaise longue. Not only will this give you a spot on which to sit down to slip your shoes on and off, it can also be somewhere to lay your outfit out for the following day (if you happen to be one of those incredibly organised types).

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Why are lighting and mirrors so important in a dressing room?

To avoid that ‘just got dressed in the dark’ look, your dressing room should include ample lighting and some carefully placed mirrors. Wall lights and a pair of table lamps at either end of your dressing table will ensure your lighting is soft and balanced. A full-length mirror is a must, and one hung over your dressing table or on top of a chest of drawers is great for beautifying yourself close up (the latter can also double up as a dressing table in smaller homes). We’re big fans of a triptych-style free standing mirror that allows you to tilt it to find the perfect angle.

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What is the best layout for a dressing room?

Natural light is key when planning the layout of your dressing room. Your dressing table and any mirrors should be placed near a window, so you can clearly see how you will look in daylight (essential when applying make-up). There should be a socket or two nearby for plugging in a hairdryer or heat styling tool; you’ll also need somewhere to plug in the lamp (or lamps) on your dressing table.

If your dressing area is in a corner of your bedroom rather than in another room, there are still so many things you can do to define the different spaces. A room divider or screen is great for sectioning off parts of a room, but you could also use a small cabinet, chest of drawers or shelves in between to create a little nook for your dressing area. Even something as simple as a rug placed underneath your dressing table will help to distinguish between the two zones. If space is limited, a cabinet with a mirrored front offers both storage and a full-length dressing mirror.

For further dressing room inspiration and design ideas, why not pay a visit to Grand Designs Live?