Faux flowers for spring interiors


Universally, the start of spring means one thing: flowers. From the Somei Yoshino cherry blossom trees that line the streets of Tokyo to stately English gardens filled with the cloud-like forms of purple, white and pink hydrangeas, we all welcome this colourful and fragrant time after the dark winter months. The easiest way of bringing your home into the new season is to fill it with vibrant blooms and plants of every shape and size. This is an instant and easy pick-me-up that can be incorporated into every room and every design, however, freshly cut flowers only last for a matter of days before their beauty starts to fade and then you’re back to square one.

With OKA’s faux flowers and plants, you never have to worry about watering or wilting flowers. Our collection is so realistic, even the experts struggle to tell the difference. And the best bit? They last forever. So pick between sophisticated orchids or delicate roses, create your own bunches or choose a hand-designed one, pop them in a vase and admire your home as it effortlessly glides from winter into spring. Now all we need is a little extra sunshine…

Bring the beauty and wildness of an English country garden into your home with this stunning bunch designed by Willow Crossley for OKA. The ‘Cheneraie Foxglove’ Bunch features a striking arrangement of white foxgloves, cream ranunculi, purple dicentra and a burst of green viburnum.

Our faux angel vine topiary tree, pruned into the shape of a ball, has been ‘planted’ in a papier mache pot that looks just like stone, and we’ve even added faux soil to make it even more realistic. These topiary trees add architectural interest to your conservatory, terrace or porch, and this one would look great in the centre of a table or on a console table.

If you haven’t investigated faux plants for a few years, you will be surprised at just how lifelike they have become. Available in three sizes, our Orchids now come with a planted bulb base covered in faux moss for a realistic finish. Explore our exquisite range of range of planters to match.

If your herb plants get eaten up all too quickly, incorporate this realistic little urn of little urn of realistic Oregano, almost identical to the real thing (except that it requires no looking after). It is sculptural in form and of sufficient size to act as a decorative object in its own right.

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