Guide to faux flower arranging


A room can be instantly brightened with an arrangement of flowers, and with our faux flowers, you needn’t be restricted by the seasons when it comes to choosing the perfect blooms. By following our simple flower arranging guide, you can become your own florist and create beautiful floral displays for your home.

  1. Choose around 3 or 4 different types of flowers for your arrangement, all of which complement each other in colour and shape. Opt for a mixture of stems which are different in structure, such as floral stems with an abundance of petals, but also include branches and greenery to add density.
  2. Select a vase which is the right size and height for the stems; note that the stems should be double the height of the vase, if not taller.
  3. Start the arrangement with three stems of each flower and spread them out evenly in the vase, layering up as you go.
  4. With faux flowers, it’s best to style each individual stem before adding them to the arrangement so they look much more realistic.
  5. Is your arrangement looking too tall? If so, simply bend the stems to make them shorter or if it’s to be a permanent display, you can trim the ends with wire cutters.
  6. Make sure you don’t have lots of the same flower bunched together so the colour distribution is equal throughout.
  7. Remember to frequently stand back and view your arrangement from a distance, and from different angles, to make sure it looks symmetrical and even.
  8. Finally, place your show-stopping creation in a prime position where it can be freely admired.
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