How to design the perfect nursery


Whether it’s baby number one or you already have a small troop of children, taking your perfect nursery from daydream to reality can be a challenging task. Perhaps you have your heart set on it being sunny and bright, but the design intricacies of this haven’t quite come to you yet, or maybe you’re armed with all the essentials but not quite sure where to begin.

Whatever your vision, a baby’s nursery should be cheerful, peaceful haven; not just for them, but you as well. Here we go into detail about all the essentials, from big decisions to little details, paint colour to layout.

Decorate the ceiling

As babies spend so much time lying on their backs, it’s worth adding some interest or something to look at to the ceiling. This could be in the form of a mural or wall decal, a calm colour to soothe them back to sleep, or a playful mobile.

Soft lighting

The main thing to think about with light is that it should be soft, not harsh. A nursery wants to be a calming space, which bright white light doesn’t lend itself well to. If you’re installing ceiling lights, dimmable options are the most practical and versatile. Table lamps make lovely finishing touches for reading time, and a night light is a soothing essential.

Go green

Amongst the multitude of things to consider when designing a nursery, being eco-friendly can slip under the radar. Choosing greener options benefits not just the environment but, in most instances, your child too. Edward Bulmer Natural Paints use only natural ingredients, so no potentially harmful chemicals which can compromise air quality. In a similar vein, organic mattresses and bedding also promise a safer alternative; they aren’t treated with flame-retarded chemicals. Embrace hand-me-downs as well: an excellent way of reducing waste. There are also few things more precious or beautiful than that antique rocking horse that used to belong to your grandfather.

Choose decor first

Although the colour of the room can seem like the most vital thing to sort out, choosing your decor first can actually be a guiding factor and make life much easier. Colour match technologies now allow you to synchronise paint tone to pretty much anything, but the same can’t be said for textiles—it’s always disappointing to find your perfect bedding or curtains are a different colour to the already painted walls.

The right paint

When it does come to paint, take your time in deciding. You may have had your heart set on that shade of Pale Citrus only to find that it isn’t quite right for the room in question. The size of the space and the amount of natural light it benefits from should be the elements that most guide your decision. If you are more drawn to a bright tone you could use this as your accent colour, for wall art or accessories. Think long term too; a dusky pink might tick all the boxes now, but will you and your child love it for years to come?

Experts believe that different colours can affect mood, sleeping patterns and even academic performance. Whilst perhaps best taken with a pinch of salt, the psychology of colour is definitely worth thinking about when choosing a shade for your new-born’s space. Generally, warm colours are thought to be happy ones, bringing about comforting and energising feelings whilst cool colours soothe and calm. There are drawbacks to each palette as well though: reds and oranges tend to stimulate the mind, so don’t lend themselves well to bedtime, for example.

Space for you

Last, but certainly not least, factor yourself and your partner into the nursery. A luxuriously comfortable armchair for reading and relaxing is a must.

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