Tell me about it, stud


The technique of studding has been used for centuries. The method most likely originated in 17th century France during the reign of Louis XIII when fashions were at their most elaborate and luxurious. Metallic studs help the upholstery process by fixing the leather or fabric in place making them not only stylish but functional as well.

Traditionally crafted from brass or copper (the nicest having been antiqued) studs were previously only used on chairs and sofas. Over the years the technique has been developed to be used on a multitude of items to add an air of opulence.

A lot of time has passed since studs first appeared on furniture but it is still a laborious task, requiring hand-skilled precision. A beautifully arranged stud pattern is an upholsterer’s art and can turn bland into brilliant. Some of our all-time favourite OKA items make use of this stylish and decorative method:

This show-stopping chest of drawers is bound to have all of your guests talking. The focal point of any room, it really is the epitome of artistic studwork. Embellished with a floral design that is made from hundreds of antiqued brass studs and upholstered in 100% natural linen, the sheer decadence of this piece means it will be turning heads for years to come.

This stunning Stafford chair was created by Annabel Astor herself. The sumptuously soft leather is bordered with brass coloured studs and a back pull which adds interest from all aspects.

Bring a stud into your bedroom with this magnificent four poster bed. Edged with hundreds of brass coloured studs for ultimate impact so you can be sure that you’ll be sleeping in style. The neutral colours make this striking piece a beautiful addition to existing schemes and the expertly crafted mango wood really takes luxury to the next level.