Back to the faux-ture: why artificial flowers are here to stay


When you think of artificial flowers, do you picture the cheap and garish flower arrangements of the 60s and 70s, with plastic petals in lurid (and completely unnatural) colours? If so, it’s time for you to take a closer look at today’s faux flowers – you might be pleasantly surprised.

Incredibly realistic and high-quality, modern faux flowers are experiencing a revolution. People are starting to realise that faux flowers are more economical than fresh flowers, both in terms of money and time. The right faux flowers can fill your home with colour and beauty for years. And we promise, not even your green-fingered friends or gardening experts will be able to spot they’re fake! Here, we’ll be sharing a few of our ideas on how you can use faux flowers around your home to bring it to life.

How can you make your hallway look more welcoming with faux flower arrangements?

The entrance hall is the first place your guests will see, so what better way to greet them than with a show-stopping arrangement of flowers? Choose something that sets the tone for the rest of the house: if your scheme is modern or minimal, opt for a neat bunch of white or cream silk flowers (some artificial orchids would look great), whereas if your interiors are more rustic or relaxed, go for a bunch of roughly arranged garden flowers. But whatever your style, when it comes to flower arrangements for your hallway, we think the bigger, the better.

Where should I place artificial flowers in a sitting room?

As sitting rooms are often where everyone gathers, it’s advisable to keep your flower arrangements quite small so there’s less chance they’ll be knocked over. Of course, the beauty of faux flowers is that there’s no water in your vase and no pollen deposits that could stain your upholstery, but nevertheless, you still need to place them somewhere where they won’t be elbowed or brushed against. A bouquet of flowers in the middle of a coffee table will help to centre the room; in a neutral scheme, something bright will draw the eye and add depth. The mantelpiece is also a great spot for a small posy of flowers (just make sure it’s out of direct heat if the fire is lit).

How to add colour to your dining room with artificial flowers

Dining room décor is often dictated by the seasons, and faux flowers are a quick and easy way of refreshing your scheme. This could be with one elaborate floral centrepiece (this works best for round tables) or a few smaller arrangements dotted along the length of the dining table. If your dining room is neutral, why not introduce a new colour using faux flowers? Soft, dusky toned blooms are perfect for spring, something in vibrant pink or red would bring a summer table to life, and dark flowers are best for the winter months. As well as giving a nod to the season, the colours you choose can also help to dictate the mood of a room.

Why are fake flowers best for a bedroom?

Fake flowers are incredibly low maintenance, requiring just a light dusting occasionally (a cool blast with a hairdryer on a low setting also does the job). This makes them ideal for placing in rarely used rooms, such as a guest bedroom. Adding an arrangement of fake flowers on top of a chest of drawers or beside a bed instantly brightens the room and is also a thoughtful touch that guests will appreciate. It’s a chance to play with colour as well: you could match the flowers to your scheme so they complement other accessories, but using bold contrasting blooms against neutral furniture also looks really effective.

There’s no doubt that flowers can transform a home, and for those of us short on time, artificial flowers are the answer. Their sheer realism, quality and versatility makes them a worthwhile investment, and there are so many benefits to using them instead of real flowers (without even mentioning hayfever!).

The best thing is they last forever, so you can add more stems to your existing arrangement over time and swap stems between different arrangements to create completely new ones. So, will you give artificial flowers a try? If you do, remember to share your faux flower arrangements with us on Instagram or Twitter using #okaflowerpower.