Spotlight on crystal and glass lamps


When it comes to lighting, we firmly believe that form is equally as important as function. After all, lamps spend a large proportion of the day switched off, so it makes sense to choose a lamp that also doubles as a decorative feature. And what could be more decorative than a solid crystal lamp or a clear glass lamp? Versatile, practical and, above all, beautiful, we shine the spotlight on the newest additions to our lighting range.

For an elegant and timeless style of lamp, one made from glass or crystal ticks all the boxes. First and foremost, they’re colourless, so they suit every single colour scheme you can think of, which is good news if you’re not very confident when it comes to matching colours across your interiors – you can’t put a design foot wrong with a clear lamp.

Transparency is what sets glass and crystal lamps apart from all the rest. These table lamps are physically quite large, but their transparent nature means that they are almost camouflaged by the rest of the room. They don’t obscure any other furnishings: place the lamp in front of a piece of art or a spectacular view from a window and you’ll still be able to see what’s behind it clearly. And despite the size of the lamp, it won’t draw attention away from a statement console table or side table, serving only to enhance it instead.

Using glass and crystal lamps also helps to open up the room, allowing natural light to enter the space and fill corners that would otherwise be blocked by a solid, opaque lamp. They are also great choice when you want to use a large lamp on a small surface (such as a bedside table), as they give the illusion that the space is less cluttered. Matching this with a cream lampshade will retain a modern glow.

If you’re worried that a crystal lamp might be a bit too ostentatious for your modest home, don’t be. Although previously associated with chandeliers hung in grand stately homes, crystal is now much more accessible thanks to the simple and contemporary styles of crystal lamps available. However, if you still feel that crystal is too formal, opt for a glass lamp instead. The nature of the glass-blowing process allows for more creativity when it comes to the shape of the lamp, producing more bulbous, curvaceous and unusual designs.

Whilst crystal and glass may look remarkably similar, they’re also quite different. Should you happen to pick up a crystal lamp, you’ll certainly notice why! First of all, the weight: whereas glass is blown (so filled with air), crystal is solid, and therefore, much heavier. Take care when lifting a crystal lamp and also ensure that whatever it will be sitting on is sturdy enough to hold its weight.

Clarity is also greater in crystal lamps – hence the expression ‘crystal clear’. Crystal has a higher refractive quality than glass, which means when it catches the light, you get a dazzling, rainbow effect that causes the lamp to sparkle. To maximise the crystal’s brilliance, ensure that the lamp is kept clean (simply wipe with a soft cloth) as any amount of dust will diminish its shine and dull its reflective qualities.

Whether you choose to invest in a crystal lamp or a glass one, you can be sure that this piece will be a prominent decorative – not to mention functional – feature in your home for years to come. From column to urn-shaped, take a look at our vast range of glass and crystal lamps.