Side tables for every space


The often overlooked side table is a staple piece in the home, offering valuable surface or storage space for whatever you need. Whilst the side table may be small in stature, it has a big presence, and its indispensability is reflected in our extensive collection of different shapes, styles, materials, sizes and colours. Whatever size your space – or indeed, budget – there is a side table to fit. Take a look at our suggestions below to find the perfect one for your home.

Large spaces

If you’ve plenty of space beside your sofa or armchair, take advantage by adding an overly generous side table with enough space to showcase a statement lamp, photograph frames and other decorative pieces. Opting for a large side table doesn’t mean it should overwhelm the room: choose one in glass and metal that allows the scheme to flow through it or one in a light wood that will subtly blend into the background. At an impressive 71cm wide, our larger than average Cassiano Side Table is the biggest side table in our collection, but is unobtrusive thanks to its simple design and pale ‘Weathered’ Acacia finish.

Narrow spaces

Every home has those tight nooks – next to the radiator, in an alcove, beside the bed, at the end of a corridor – and just by introducing a side table with a very small footprint, you can completely transform an unusable space. At just 25cm across, our Gustavian Side Table will slot neatly into the narrowest spot, but still offers ample space on the top and the shelf below. The lipped edge is also very useful for tight space, as it prevents items from being knocked off the top.

Alternative spaces

Side tables needn’t necessarily be restricted to the living room. They’re incredibly useful in a bedroom at the end of the bed: the top can be used as extra seating when putting on shoes or as a place to leave your handbag or luggage, and the space underneath can hide a waste paper bin or a well-worn pair of slippers. When it comes to choosing a bedside table, one with storage will certainly make the most of the space available. Something like our Xin Bedside Table ticks all the boxes: not only is it incredibly beautiful, it also has a drawer and an ample cupboard to house bedtime essentials and keepsakes.

Open-plan spaces

The layout of a living area may mean it’s not possible to fit a coffee table in the space, which is where our extremely versatile nest of side tables comes in. Comprised of three different sizes, they can be stacked neatly away next to the sofa for the majority of the time, taking up minimal space, and brought out into the centre of the room as and when the need arises. For the ultimate in flexibility, a Zed Side Table  with just enough room to play a game or rest a cup of tea, is ideal for open-plan spaces.

Awkward spaces

Not all spaces have perfect proportions so when selecting a side table for these locations, consider alternative shapes other than the obvious square. With its slender legs and circular top, a tripod table is perfect for those small and awkwardly-shaped spaces (plus the mirrored top will help to lighten a dark corner), whilst the unusual geometric design of an octagonal side table will help to draw attention away from uneven walls and floorboards.

Extra spaces

If a corner of your room is looking a little empty, a side table could be the missing piece of the puzzle. For objet d’art on a grander scale, why not introduce a striking side table with an interesting design to the space. Something bold like our Zed Side Table or beautifully decorative like our Iznik Barrel Seat is a great way of directing focus in a scheme – the additional surface is just a bonus.

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