Faux flowers for a seasonal refresh


For those with green thumbs and appreciators of beautiful blooms alike, this time of year usually signifies one thing here in OKA’s home, the UK: a spectacular day out at the Chelsea Flower Show. This year, the Royal Horticultural Society is providing a floral fix online, but if you’re tired of virtual events (especially ones outside your time zone) or can’t make a trip to the nursery to put the RHS’ advice into practice, we have a real solution: faux greenery.

It’s a quick and easy pick-me-up that can be incorporated into every room or garden with no worry about watering or wilting. While the beauty of a freshly cut bouquet is undeniable, our collection is so realistic, even the experts struggle to tell the difference. And the best part? They last forever. The choice is yours: “pick” sophisticated orchids, delicate roses, or arrangements we’ve already bunched together, then simply pop them into a vase and admire your home as it effortlessly glides into summer. Now all we need is a little extra sunshine…

Best for a wild look  

If you’re dreaming of long, leisurely afternoons spent walking in the woods, it’s time to bring the beauty of the wilderness into your home. Think of the wildflowers you might come across in the countryside – king of hearts, queen Anne’s lace, honeysuckle, buttercups – and find a faux arrangement that incorporates a few of them. It’s always a little guilt-inducing to pick wildflowers, as they look so beautiful in their natural habitat yet only last a few days at home – and the faux versions will last much longer. Ours were designed by seasoned horticulturalist and OKA co-founder Lucinda Waterhouse, so you can trust that no one will be able to tell the difference.

Best for a polished look 

Picture the beautifully maintained manor houses in all your favorite period dramas. What do they have in common? The answer is exceptional topiary. While pruning the foliage of your own trees into round balls or lifelike creatures is tricky to do, the faux version requires zero gardening skills whatsoever. Even better? Real box topiary can be grown in both sun and shade, in cold or warm weather, so you can place your faux tree in just about any location in your home or garden and people will be none the wiser.

Best for a Mediterranean look 

Most of us have delved deep into the Internet and are still unsure about when we might next be able to travel abroad. If you’ve been daydreaming about a trip to Greece or Spain, why not give your home a bit of their flair instead? After all, no Mediterranean home is complete without an olive tree. While it is possible to grow olive trees in the United States, a real benefit of the faux version is that you can control its size – no pruning or relocating required. Pop a small one in the center of the dining table or frame a doorway with two large trees – it’s totally up to you.

Best for a glamorous look 

There’s nothing quite as special as an orchid. It exudes a certain luxury that other flowers just can’t quite achieve. Our penchant for them dates back hundreds of years. During the Victorian era, rare flowers such as the orchid were often given as tokens of affection. It was thought that the more unusual your flower of choice, the more successful your love would be. Why not follow suit and gift a friend or loved one a faux orchid? Alternatively, it’s certainly worth incorporating a few low-maintenance ones into your own look. Purple orchids add a pop of color just about anywhere while white varieties are timeless classics.

Best for a quick pick-me-up 

If your basil plant gets eaten up too quickly, or you find that for some reason, no matter how much water, sunlight and emotional support you give, that it simply will not thrive, it’s time to incorporate some faux herbs into your kitchen or conservatory. The faux versions may not have much flavor to offer, but they will lend a cozy, homey quality to your space that is delightful and not a bit of effort to maintain.  

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