How to create your dream home office


Working from home is increasingly the economic reality around the world. In the US, over 30 million people avoid the rush hour at least once a week, while 79% of workers would rather report to the sofa than the office. It can be a decision of huge benefit to both employee and employer: employees enjoy a good work-life balance, employers can see broader recruitment and better retention.

But making the move from office to home both manageable and motivating demands a beautiful, bespoke workspace that allows you to achieve all you need with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of comfort. To help you consider the essentials, we’ve put together a quick guide to building your perfect home office space.

Of course, the key components of any study space are a chair and desk. Your chair should offer strong lower back support and allow your feet to sit firm and level on the floor. Find a feel that fits you – comfort and posture can often feel like opposites, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This is where quality of build and intelligence of design can mark the difference between built and crafted, between quality and luxury. Investing in the core elements of your workspace is crucial to building an environment that suits your needs and makes you happy at work and rest – so take the time to find the perfect combination for you.

Every desk needs a functional and flexible lighting source – ready to adapt to whatever your immediate needs are. Whether it’s a stylish, standalone floor lamp, or an elegant desk lamp, there are many options that allow you to illuminate your workspace in a way that complements how you work, day to day. If you are looking for something simple and understated, try our range of black desk lamps. For a monochrome style, pair a black lamp with a white lampshade. If you’re trying to add character and style to your desk space, try our brass desk lamps. Want to know more about how to light your spaces intelligently? Check out our expert guide to creating brighter rooms in your home for specialist lighting advice.

The maintenance of a steady room temperature is important – consider rich, thick curtains for winter and blinds for the bright summer season. On an aesthetic level, blankets and throws can add a splash of warm colour and extra comfort when 5pm gets a little darker, whilst decluttering and using brighter colours intelligently can give the impression of summertime cool all year round.

A change is as good as a rest – but why not do both? Having a more casual spot to kick back and approach work from a different angle can be hugely beneficial, not to mention extremely comfortable. Consider a high backed armchair, or something larger and more casual. Combine it with a neat little side table – for note scribbling, your laptop or even a quick game of chess to focus the mind.