Q&A with the Pink House


We challenged some of the most talented creatives in the industry to design a scheme using items from our new collection. This month, Emily Murray, Founder and Editor of The Pink House, transformed this stunning dining space. She chose a magnificent wooden table and matching benches, perfect for seating larger groups, and included a neat little bar cart, topped with drinks, ice buckets and fabulous cocktail glasses.

Emily added a few signature pops of pink to the room, along with gold accents and botanical-themed accessories. These worked brilliantly in the space to echo the designs that are featured in her beautiful home and award-winning blog. We sat down with Emily to discuss the inspiration behind her look.

Emily, we love your dining room, talk us through your inspiration.

In every room I design, I like to include something pretty, something plant-y and something edgy. In this case, the pretty comes from the blush pink walls, patterned rug and touches of gold; the plant side of things can be seen in the nature-inspired tableware, fern vase and pictures; and the edginess is represented by the skull print and the dark, off-black wall, chimney breast and mantelpiece.

You are well known for your famous pink looks. What advice would you give to people wanting to experiment with colour in their homes?

Just go for it! I’m always asking, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ People can be scared of colour, but colour makes us humans happy, so get busy with that paintbrush! Once you’ve seen what colour can do to lift your mood, you won’t look back to beige.

The holiday season will soon be upon us. What top tips do you have for designing the perfect space for entertaining?

Lighting is key to creating a welcoming environment. Soft, peripheral side lights are so much friendlier – and more flattering to the skin tone – than harsh overheads. I actually remove lightbulbs from central pendant lights, so no-one is tempted to switch them on in my absence! Other than that, a well-stocked drinks trolley and some gorgeous wine glasses are essential.

As a mum of two, what advice would you give to creating a family home that’s as functional and fabulous as your own?

Surround yourself with decorations, colour and art that you love. Start by asking yourself, ‘what brings me joy?’ rather than worrying, ‘what if the kids make a mark on it?’. I take the attitude that my home will get altered by the people who live here, but I try to embrace these marks as being part of the patina of family life. That stain on the sofa, the scuff on the wall, those marks on the table? All are happy memories that are now part of our home’s story.

If you could take only one piece of homeware to a desert island what would it be?

A bookshelf. Filled with books, please!

What are your top five favourite pieces from the shoot?

Fern Vase
Plant-y AND pretty – I love the way it curves elegantly and displays the flowers at a slight angle.

Lenox Drinks Trolley
This is a strong contender for my desert island décor. It’s a classic shape and the perspex adds a modern twist. Who wouldn’t want a drink from this beauty?

Reeded Bone Ice Bucket
These are works of art in their own right. The combination of bone pieces and stainless steel is just so chic.

Faux Ranunculus Flowers
I love ranunculas and these are just faux-bulous!

Trisphera Shagreen Print Lamp
Faux shagreen lamps: These are super-classy and such a gorgeous colour.