Q&A with Penny Morrison


This year we are delighted to be working with the renowned interior designer, Penny Morrison. Penny’s private client list ranges from boutique hotels such as the Isle de France Hotel, to individuals such as Jemma Kidd and Annabel Astor herself.

Penny Morrison’s first design for OKA is the Aragonez Collection. Inspired by Spanish and Portuguese tin glaze pottery, these vibrant melamine plates and bowls feature an original hand-drawn design by Penny. “We created this unique grape leaf design – it has such beautiful rich colours and it’s perfect for outdoor living.” The Aragonez Collection not only looks exquisite on your dining table but due to the practical nature of melamine, it is also perfect for picnics and dining al fresco.

Where are you right now and can you describe the view from the nearest window?

In front of the fire in my library looking out at the rain and mist on the Welsh hills.

What are you working on at the moment? And what inspired it?

Just starting work on the total refurbishment of a charming Jane Austen lookalike house in Wiltshire.

Can you tell us a bit about your home?

Our house is reminiscent of a Scottish lodge – all ground floor rooms have French windows that open out onto the garden, fires in every room, wonderful views and comfortable bedrooms.

What inspires your designs?

My travels, magazines, other people’s houses.

What advice do you wish you had been given early on in your career?

I wish I had worked under another decorator in my youth.

How would you describe your career?

Surprisingly it is continuously evolving and growing – it started with decorating and building, then moved on to a fabric range and now includes decorative accessories too.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Be brave and try new ideas – believe in yourself and your ideas.

What advice would you give to a first time buyer about decorating on a lower budget?

Use the biggest pieces of furniture possible, rather than lots of little things – get good quality main pieces like sofas and beds first, then other things can follow.

Which is your favourite season and why?

Spring – it is full of hope and joy and the days are longer and lighter.

What is your most loved possession?

My dog.

Have you added anything fabulous to your home recently?

Some Moroccan rugs and modern paintings to lift the atmosphere and make it more current.

What could you not live without in your home?

My magimix.

Seaside or rolling hills?


Up with the lark or last to bed?

Last to bed

Dogs or cats?


Box set or good book?

Good book

Poolside or fireside?


Twitter or Instagram?


Spotify or the radio? (If radio, which stations?)

Radio 4 or occasionally Radio 1 when I feel like a lift of mood

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