Q&A with Martyn White Designs


We have collaborated with some of the most innovative designers and influencers in the industry. Each contributor has designed a room, featuring pieces from our new Autumn Collection and existing ranges. This month, we challenged Martyn White Designs to create a sitting room using OKA products.

Martyn White Designs is a blog that specialises in creating luxury interiors, brimming with opulent and extravagant lighting, furniture and accessories. Martyn is based in London, but regularly travels to far-flung destinations for inspiration and to showcase his latest interior design projects.

He designed a warm and luxurious sitting room, merging modern and traditional features to create a unique look. We asked him to talk us through his design, his work and his favourite OKA pieces.

Martyn, thank you so much for putting your stamp on our new collection! Talk us through your inspiration for this look.

Having recently visited some incredibly grand and luxurious properties, I found the idea of formal and informal living spaces fascinating. In a life where space is precious and many of us are unable to enjoy this luxury, I wanted to create an interior that sits between a formal and informal living space, with the modern-day entrepreneur in mind. There is an appreciation of heritage and tradition, but also an embrace of internationalism, so I wanted to make the design feel like it could easily fit into many locations.

What made you choose a sitting room for this design challenge?

In recent years, entertaining at home has returned to popularity, transforming television rooms into social spaces for friends and family to enjoy. I wanted to create a space that challenges the classic television room, a place that removes technology and centres itself around socialising.

Your designs merge the modern with the classic so effortlessly, do you have any tips for incorporating more traditional pieces into a modern-day home?

I think it is important to select pieces that you love and have a passion for, creating a style around them, rather than selecting items to create a particular design. It will always look and feel more natural that way. If you are incorporating lots of traditional and modern designs together, a great rule to keep in mind is to use contemporary as a buffer between traditional pieces to give them the space they need to allow their character shine through.

What inspires you inside and outside of the interior design world?

Travel inspires me the most. Having the opportunity to visit amazing countries and discover incredible designs from around the globe really has changed the way that I think about design and the way I apply it.

What’s the best interior design lesson you’ve learnt over the years?

People hear this all the time, but it is hugely important, “be yourself”. Do not look to recreate someone else’s work or try to live their life. Be inspired by it but make something for yourself. Surround yourself with the things that you love and use your home as a way to express your personality. Keep this in mind and everything slots into place.

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