In love with Indigo


This season, in addition to our extensive and unique range of pillows, our three founders each had a pet project: to create their own capsule pillow collection. Sue Jones’ range of pillows was inspired by her love of the colour indigo. Named after the latin for indigo, ‘The Indicum Collection’ features five different designs, which can be seen peppered throughout her ‘Off The Beaten Track’ look. Here, Sue talks us through the design process that goes on behind the scenes.

“In my case, my inspiration was indigo. The earliest documentation about the colour was found in manuscripts that are believed to be dated from 4th century BC. Indigo was once so rare and so coveted that it was called ‘blue gold’.

For this collection, I used a combination of print and embroidery on linen. I found tiny scraps of fabric in a Tibetan market, and these gave me the idea of sewing red embroidery over the digital print, which creates depth and texture. Scale and symmetry were thrown out of the window, as I wanted each cushion to look like it was cut from a large piece of fabric.”

“The cushions were designed to work together. The whole collection has the same base cloth – which was colour matched to some antique Belgium flax napkins, as it anchors the more modern design. The off-white/off-grey muted colour really contrasts with the brilliance of the indigo. Some of the cushions are double sided, which means you can change the look, depending on the day. Developing this collection has definitely been a process and there were certainly a few blips but I’m delighted with the result.”