How to pick the perfect paint


Picking a paint colour for a room can be a tricky process full of obstacles and uncertainty. It can be difficult to tell from just a small patch on a wall, how a paint will look across an entire room and how light, furnishings and other factors will affect its final colour. We sit down with Edward Bulmer, one of the country’s leading Architectural Historians and Interior Designers, to discuss the best way to go about picking the perfect paint colour.

What is the most important thing to factor in when choosing a paint colour?

“Always take tonality into consideration. This comes from using earth pigment in every colour. Think of it like seasoning in cooking: without it, the final result is bland.”

What is your favourite paint colour at the moment?

“Currently, I’m a fan of Aquatic. Especially with the warmer weather, it feels fresh and uplifting.”

How do you know when you’ve found the right paint colour?

“You know you’ve found the right paint colour when you see the room within the walls and not the walls themselves. The paint needs to create harmony.”

What’s a helpful tip for choosing a paint colour?

“Always start with the natural finishes in the room such as wood, stone or marble and choose a colour that complements it. Often these fixtures are permanent features in a room and you’ll have to work with them.”

Does the function of the room matter when choosing a paint colour?

“Absolutely! The room may be for dwelling in or it may be for passing through. Perhaps you use it all the time or only at certain times of the day. Your choice of paint colour should reflect your personal preference and how frequently you use the room.”