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We love any excuse to dress up our dining table. If, like us, you’ve friends and family set to visit over the Easter weekend, why not take stock of your current tableware and switch things up a bit for spring? Different plates, some faux flowers and fun seasonal decorations are just a few things that will bring your dining table to life. To give you a few ideas, we asked floral stylist and author Willow Crossley to pick some of her favourite OKA pieces to design an Easter table.

Talk us through your Easter table.

I love the white and pink faux lilac stems; paired with blue and white table accessories, they look so great together – very Eastery. I wanted to create a blue and white scheme, so used the little blue and white plates and vases, blue velvet chairs – that are not only beautiful, but also seriously comfortable – and the little eggs, which make adorable place holders.

What makes an Easter table special?

We always have a big Easter lunch and I really like to make an effort with the table. I feel an Easter table should be fun with lots going on. I make little nests out of moss, fill them with chocolate eggs and dot them down the table, in and around lots of mismatched jugs of flowers, chocolate bunnies and coloured candles.

What colours would you use to decorate your table?

I love anything bright at this time of year such as blues, purples and greens – they feel cheerful and fresh. I love using big bunches of muscari with paperwhites and hyacinths. They smell so delicious and scent the whole house.

What makes your Easter special?

Our three boys. They absolutely love it. Any excuse to eat chocolate from the minute they wake up. We love going to my parents in Wales, where they do the most amazing easter egg hunt. They spend hours making tiny, mossy nests and then hide them all around the garden – under bushes, inside old trees – and the children run around, rather competitively, herding up the eggs into terracotta pots. We used to do it as children too – it was as exciting as Father Christmas coming!

Describe your perfect Easter day?

It would be spent at home, after a lie in, with our whole family – including my new tiny nephew. Charlie (my husband) would cook a huge roast lunch and then we’d spend the afternoon hunting for eggs, lying around on rugs, reading papers in the garden. And it would be sunny.

Describe your ideal Easter egg?

I’m very easily pleased – Cadbury’s Dairy Milk or Mini Eggs make me very happy.

Create a show-stopping centrepiece for your Easter table with Willow’s five-step flower arranging guide.

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